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Do you need lists for learning or reference?  If you're like us, we make great notes, buy laminated reference charts, or keep detailed spreadsheets on our computers...but inevitably we don't have the information available when we need it.  Also, some topics are easier to learn as an ordered list; counting in a foreign language, computer commands, etc.

gRef is the answer!  gRef provides fast mobile access to your very own personalized reference library.  gRef holds your complete and diverse collection of academic, professional, and personal information.  With gRef you are in complete control of your library.   You can select gRef libraries from the gWhiz Catalog or easily create new ones.  You can even email your individual "Cheat Sheets" to your friends.
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Reviewing Reference Guides
Adding Reference Guides
Creating Your Own
Sharing Reference Guides
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Here are some examples:

  · Mathematical reference
  · Musical notation & terminology
  · Language references
  · Measurement conversion
  · Engineering formulas
  · Programming language guide (e.g., RE's, SQL, HTML/CSS, ASCII)
  · Application keyboard shortcuts (e.g., BlackBerry, vi, emacs)
  · Software Tool Shortcuts (e.g. MS-Office, Google)
  · Hardware reference (e.g. Capacity of Twisted Pair cable types)

  · Birthdays & Anniversaries list
  · Favorite Food and Drink Recipes
  · Fantasy Football Rankings
  · Secret Handshake Moves

When you have gRef on your BlackBerry, you've got the information you need, in one place, when and where you need it.  No digging through stacks of paper, no flipping through reference indexes, no wading through pages of search results.  You've already got it!

Like gFlash, gRef uses Google Documents (specifically, Google spreadsheets) as a shared repository of reference guides.  Everyone can use gRef but more importantly everyone can create, download, and share their own reference guides.

How to Get Reference Guides:
Load gRef reference guides on to your phone from either our gWhiz Catalog, your Google Documents, or BlackBerry email.

How to Create Reference Guides:
Creating reference guides is easy;  Use our gWhiz Template in Google Documents.

How to Share Reference Guides:
Share reference guides with friends through their Google Documents account or email to their BlackBerry.  Share reference guides with and we'll make them available to other gRef users.

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