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Vmo Above 8000ft is: 350 KCAS
Vmo Below 8000ft is: 300 KCAS
Vmca is: 112 KCAS
Vmcl is: 110 KCAS
Vmcg Sea level is: 107 KCAS
Vmcg 15000ft is: 86 KCAS
Va 206 KCAS
Turbulence speed (Vb) above 10000ft 270 KCAS/.80MT
Turbulence speed (Vb) below 10000ft 240 KCAS
Holding in Icing conditions minimum speed: 160 KCAS
Mach Trim Inoperative max speed: .80 MT
Tire Speed 195.5 Kts
Yaw Damper inop above 10000ft max: 260 KCAS/.80 MT
Yaw Damper inop below 10000ft max: 250 KCAS
Yaw Damper inop Above 20000ft min: 210 KCAS
Yaw Damper inop below 20000ft: See chart AOM Vol 1.
Maximum Airport altitude 10000 Ft
Maximum Operating altitude: 51000 Ft
Single pack operation max altitude: 48000 Ft
Internal Bagage Door open max: Above 40000 Ft for 5 minutes
Internal Bagage Door open max single pack: No entry above 45000 Ft
Yaw Damper inop max altitude: 45000 Ft
APU max operating altitude: 45000 Ft
APU guaranteed Start Altitude 39000 Ft may start up to 43000 Ft
APU electrical load: 100% Sea Level up to 45000 Ft
APU max start TGT: 1050 C
APU max running TGT: 732 C
APU max Rotor Speed: 106%
APU start limitations 3 starts 1 hour cool down, on DC 3 starts 15 min cool down in between, then 1 hour cool down
Cowl Anti Ice: SAT 8 C or below and visible moisture
Engine Fuel temperature Max: 140 C, up to 165 C for 15 minutes
Engine Fuel temp Min: -40 C
Max Oil Temp 160 C
Min Oil Temp Start -30 C
Min Oil Temp T/O 20 C
Min Oil Press T/O, < 72.3% HP 35 PSI
Min Oil Press T/O, > 90% HP 45 PSI
Min Oil Press flight < 72.3% HP 25 PSI
Min Oil Press flight > 90% HP 35 PSI
Engine Starter Limitations 3 times 3 minutes with 15 second break, 15 minutes off after 3d
Flaps 10 max speed 250 KCAS / .60 MT
Flaps 20 max speed 220 KCAS / .60 MT
Flaps 39 max speed 170 KCAS / .60 MT
Speed brakes are not allowed when: Gear down and / or full flaps
Flaps in icing conditions are limited to: Takeoff , approach and landing
Holding in icing conditions is limited to: Flaps 0 only
Max altitude Flaps 39 20000 Ft
Max altirude Flaps 10 or 20 25000 Ft
Max altitude for gear extension: 20000 Ft
Vlo 225 KCAS / .70 MT
Vle 250 KCAS / .70 MT
Vlo blow down 175 KCAS
Load factor flaps 0 -1 to 2.5g
Load factor flap 10 or 20 0 to 2.0g
Load factor flap 39 below 75300 Lbs 0 to 2.0g
Load factor flap 39 above 75300 Lbs 0 to 1.5
Mach trim inop max speed autoflight: .80 MT
Autopilot min engagement height: 200 ft AGL
Autopilot min disengagement height: 60 ft AGL
Maximum passengers: 19
Maximum occupants: 22
Max Tailwind start: 20 Kts
Max Crosswind start: 30 kts
Max cabin pressure differential: 10.48 PSI
Max cabin pressure differential taxi/takeoff/landing: 0.3 PSID
Engine max TGT start 700 C
Engine max relight TGT (airstart) 850 C
Engine max takeoff TGT 900 C (5 min two engines, 10 min one engine)
Engine max takeoff LP: 101.1% (5 min two engines, 10 min one engine)
Engine max takeoff HP: 99.6% (5 min two engines, 10 min one engine)
Engine max continuos TGT 860 C
Engine max continuos LP 101%
Engine max continous HP 98.9%
Engine max overspeed TGT 905 C (20 seconds)
Engine max overspeed LP 101.5% (20 seconds)
Engine max overspeed HP 99.8% (20 seconds)
Engine max reverse LP 70% (30 seconds)
Zero Fuel Weight 54400 lbs
Ramp Weight 91400 lbs
Takeoff Weight 91000 lbs
Landing Weight 75300 lbs
Fuel maximum imbalance takeoff 1000 lbs
Fuel maximum imbalance flight 2000 lbs
Max Fuel 41300 lbs
Crosswind takeoff engine limit With crosswinds above 20 kts, fan speed limit 66%LP until speed > 20 kts, add 600 ft to field length required.
Static ground run limit 66% to 80% LP prohibited, transit through this area must not exceed 10 seconds.
Auto throttle limitation Single engine approach use not allowed.
Fuel suction limit fuel 20000 Ft
Fuel tank minimum temp -37 C
Fuel tank maximum temp 54 C
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