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Penndale English Vocab 7

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adieu farewell
advent (n) an arrival: coming into place or view
apex (n) highest point; tip
assimilate (V) to absorb fully or make one's own; to adapt as one's own; to adapt fully
bogus (adj) false; counterfit
exorbitant (adj) expensive
interim (n.) the time b/t (adj.) temporary, coming b/t 2 points in time
inundate (v) to flood, overflow; to overwhelm by numbers or size
malign (v) to speak evil of, slander (adj) evil
meander (v) to wander about, wind about (n) sharp turn or twist
metropolis (n) large city
momentous (adj) very important
obstreperous (adj) noisy, unruly, disorderly
pensive (adj) thoughtful
perlious (adj) dangerous
shoody (adj) of poor quality; charaterized by inferior workmanship
sprightly (adj) lively; full of life; spicy, flavorful
surly (adj) angry and bad-tempred; rude
tirade (n) a long, angry speech, usually very critical
vagrant (n) an idle wanderer (adj) wandering aimlessly
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