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Korean Adv. Vocabulary - 2

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가격 price
강화 reinforcement
견고하다 solid, strong
경기 business (condition)
경쟁사 competing company
구석 an inside corner
구축하다 to construct
국내 domestic
국제무역 international trading
기강 official discipline, public order
기대 expectation, hope
기대를 갖다 to hope = 기대하다
기록하다 to record
노력하다 endeavor, do one’s best, make efforts
노출되다 to be exposed
논리 logic
마련하다 ?prepare, provide, arrange, provide
막아주다 to prevent
미묘하다 delicate, subtle
발전 development
발휘 display, demonstration, exhibition
방어 defense
방영 televise
부동산 eal estate
북미 North America
불다 (wind) to blow
불쾌감 unpleasantness, discomfort
삭감하다 to cut down, to reduce
살림 living, livelihood
선호하다 prefer to
시큼하다 sour (taste, smell)?
식량난 food shortage
어정쩡하다 suspicious, ambiguous
열악하다 poor, inferior
요소 element
욕구 desire
의식하다 to be conscious, aware
이름패 nameplate
이외 except
전달되다 to be delivered
전적으로 completely, whole
전통적 traditional
접근 access, approach
정상 the summit
정점 top, summit
제시하다 to present
증대 increase
진학 go on to the next stage of education
차이 difference, divergence, gap
채우다 to fill up, to make up
첨가하다 to add
청춘 youth, springtime of life, the bloom of youth
추상적 superficial
파생 derivation, stem (from)
평준화 equalization, level off
한반도 the Korean peninsula
행사 event
현수막 placard
협의 conference, council
환경 environment, surroundings
흔들리다 to be disturbed, to be agitated
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