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Korean Adv. Vocabulary - 8

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가시적 visible
개최하다 to open
거듭 repeatedly, again
경쟁자 competitor
경제적 economic
고리 a ring, a loop
고민 agony
공휴일 public holiday
괴롭다 painful
냉랭하다 cold
넘기다 hand over, transfer
논의하다 argure, discuss
답습 following
더욱 more
마케팅 marketing
매출 sales
문서 document
문제 problem
물밑 under water
물씬 strongly (especially for smell)
미래지향적 future-oriented
미리 in advance
배제하다 to exclude
복병 ambush, potential bad elements
부수다 destroy
불티나다 / 불티나게 팔리다 command [have, meet with] a ready sale, sell [go] (off ) like hot cakes.
비난하다 to blame
사내 inside of a company
산업 industry
선정 selection, choice
성과를 보다 to get a result
세력 influence, power
세월이 가다 time passes by, days [the years] go by
식량 food
아직 yet
악화 get worse
악화되다 to become worse
안보리(안전보장이사회) UN security council
안정세 stability, stable tendency
앞서다 take a lead
역량 power
외교 diplomacy, a foreign policy
이익 profit, gain
인식 cognition, recognition, understanding
입시 an entrance examination
재생산 reproduction
적극적 positive
정보 information
제작사 a company (factory) which make something
지출 expense
최대한 maximum
추이 transition, change
측면 aspect
컨텐츠 contents
탈북 defection from North Korea
파악 understanding, to get a point
포괄적 inclusive, comprehensive
해결되다 to be solved
행보 walking, walk of life
확약하다 strict promiss, promiss positively
후반 a latter half
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