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Korean Adv. Vocabulary - 11

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가파르다 to be steep/precipitous
각자 individually
감소 reduction
격차 difference, a gap
고령화 aging
공공성 public feature
공통점 similarity, common feature
관련 related
관측되다 to be observed
구조 structure
국론 national opinion
국장 director of office
그동안 so far
그럼에도 불구하고 nonthless
긍정적으로 positively
끈기 perseverance, endurance, patience
내각 cabinet, ministry
내다보다 to look out, to look ahead, to foresee, to expect
내세우다 to insist on, to claim, to advocate
눈길 one's eyes, a glance, allok
당분간 for sometime
대한민국 학술원 Korean National Academy of Science
대화 conversation, talk
도모하다 plan
매끄럽다 smooth
a face, surface, aspect, phase
명분 moral justification
미미하다 slight, tiny
발생하다 to occur, to outbreak
방어적 defensive
시인 acknowledgement
시장 market
신사참배 worship shinto
악화 aggravation, getting worse
압력 pressure
약화 weakening
언급하다 to mention
얼어붙다 to be frozen
외교 채널 diplomatic channel
위협 threat
의원 assemblyman
이어지다 be connected, be joined together
인식을 같이 하다 agree, consent
자락 a small part, skirt
자연스레 naturally = 자연스럽게
정례 regular
정치적 political
증가세 increasing situation, increasing tendency
진단 diagnosis
첨가되다 to be added
촉발되다 to be triggered
최고 the best, the top = 으뜸
최소한 minimum
투자 investigation
평가하다 to evaluate, to estimate
포장 wrap up, package
필요하다 to be required, to need
하락 decline, come down
한국 물리학회 The Korean Physical Society
회복 recovery
회상하다 look back on the past」, recollect, recall
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