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Korean Adv. Vocabulary - 1

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강화하다 to strengthen, to reinforce, to step up
게다가 moreover, in addition to
결과, result, consequence
경고하다 to warn
경쟁적 competitive
계획 plan
공공 public
관대하다 generous
구매 purchase
구석 an inside corner
권고 advice
극복 conquest, overcome
금융 finance
내놓다 to put out, to bring out, to launch (a product)
담당 charge, in charge of
독특하다 unique, peculiar
뜬금없다 to be unexpected
만연 spread, spreading, prevalence
맞선을 보다 to have an interview with one’s prospective bride [bridegroom], to be formally introduced to one’s prospective marriage partner
매년 every year, annually
모험 an adventure, a venture
무시하다 to ignore
밝히다 to light up, to make a matter clear
부여하다 give, endow
부인하다 to deny
분석 analysis
비교적 relatively
사정 situation, condition, circumstance
상당하다 to be considerable, pretty, to be no small
선정하다 select, choos
성과 result, outcome
성적 grade
수준 level
시기 time
실현하다 to realize
양분하다 bisect, cut in two
엄연히 apparently
여유롭다 have sufficient time
역점을 두다 to lay stress on
열거 enumeration
온몸 the whole body
우위 superiority, predominance
유복하다 fortunate, lucky
이야기 story, talk, conversation
이재민 victim of calamity
인적 human
자기 self
자세 pose, posture
전달하다 to deliver
전혀 not at all
정점 top, summit
정치학 politics
제고하다 raise, promote
제재 sanctions
증가 increase
최근 recently
추억 recollection, reminiscence, remembrance
추억에 젖다/추억에 잠기다 indulge in retrospection
폐해 vice, abuse
한편 on the other hand
힘을 쏟다 to make efforts, to endeavor
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