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Korean Adv. Vocabulary - 10

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(비용을) 들이다 spend (money)
강경 strong
계속하다 to continue
공식 official
과학적 scientific
관광 tourism
국가적 national
국제 international
군복무 military service
급등 sudden rise
기여 contribution, service
surely, certainly
냉각 cooling
노골적 naked, directly, out-spoken
눈길을 주다 look at, turn one's eyes on
다방 tea/coffee house (especially old-style)
대규모 large scale
도자기 ceramics, pottery, china and porcelain
먼저 first, ahead
무대 stage
병사 solider
부인 denial
분량 amount
분야 field
붉다 red
비율 ratio, rate
상승하다 to ascend, to go up
상품 a product
선점 prior occupation
수입 income, earning
수집 collection
안정적 stable
업체 a company
여전히 still
역풍 adverse ind
열풍 hot wind, boom
오류 mistake
올해 this year, the present year
원칙론 general rule
으뜸 the bset, the first, the top
인내 perseverance, endurance, patience
자주 국방 self defence
적당히 roughly, loosely, grossly
적절하다 appropriate, adequate
전문용어 terminology
정확하다 precise
조언 advice
지금 current, now
직결되다 to be directly connected
책임 responsibility, liability
책임 responsibility, obligation
철학 philosophy
초래되다 to be caused
타결 comprehensive settlement
하강 falling, dropping, descent
하향 downward
학벌 academic clique
확대 expansion, increase, enlargement
효과 effect
훼방꾼 antagonist
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