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Korean Adv. Vocabulary - 5

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..하면 -ㄹ수록 the more.., the more...; the less ..., the less ...
가지다 to have
강정 fried glutinous rice cake
결의 resolution
결합 combine
관광객 tourist
교육부 Ministry of Education
기다리다 to wait
기억 memory
꼽다 to count
나오다 to come out, appear
나타나다 appear
난관 barrier, obstacle, difficulty
늘어나다 to be increased
당근과 채찍 carrot and stick
대량 large amount, mass
대상 target
대상 object
독창성 originality
둔화 blunting, being weaken, slowdown
무역 trade, export and import business
문제점 problem
미래 the future
밀리다 to be pushed out
범하다 commit,? perpetrate, sin against
비용 expense
사업 business, an undertaking, a project
사태 situation
서비스 service
세계화 globalization
수개월 several months
수사 rhetoric
승복하다 to accept, to consent
시절 the time of the year, time
신중하다 cautious, careful
신화 myth
실제 actual, real
아닐 수 없다 must (be) ...
압박 pressure
위상 status, phase
유가 oil price
인상 an impression
작전통제권 operational control of the Armed forces
전망하다 to expect
전문가 specialist
전반적 general, overall
접경 border land, border line
정상회담 the summit committee
정점 top, summit
정책 policy
주목할 만한 noticeable
중단 stop
지속적 continuously, sustainable
지원 support, aid
축도 reduced drawing, miniature
출범 sailing
취업자 a person who has a job, employee
커지다 to grow bigger, to be extended
탄력을 받다 get speedup
허와 실 pros and cons
현상 a phenomenon
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