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AP English 12 Vocab List #1

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animadversion n. harsh criticism or censure; syn:censure, criticism ant:approval, compliment, praise
arrogate v. to claim or seize without justification; syn. appropriate, commander, seize ant. forfeit, give
carping n. adj. v. characterized by fussy faultfinding; syn. bother, criticize ant. ignore, forgive
celerity n. swiftness, speed; syn. briskness ant. sluggishness
expurgate v. to purge of moral offensiveness; syn. delete, excise ant. permit, sully
halcyon adj. n. calm, peaceful, joyous; syn. gentle, golden ant. inauspicious, ominous
histrionic adj. n. overly dramatic, an actor; syn. melodramatic, overacting ant. humble, quiet, reserved
intransigent adj. n. refusing to agree or compromise, a person who refuses to agree or compromise; syn. uncompromising, unyielding ant. flexible
invidious adj. calculated to create ill will or animosity; syn. abominable, insidious ant. lovable, likable
largesse n. a generous bestowal of gifts; syn, philanthropy ant. stealing
maelstrom n. a large, powerful, or violent whirlpool; syn. vortex, pandemonium ant. calm, peace
myopic adj. lacking tolerance or understanding; syn. narrow-minded or ignorant ant. prudent, understanding
pejorative adj. having a disparaging, derogatory, or belittling effect or force; syn. deprecatory ant. complementary, positive
sacrilege n. the violation or profanation of anything sacred; syn. blasphemy, heresy ant. piety, religiousness
temporize v. to be indecisive to gain time or delay acting; syn. procrastinate ant. expedite, rush