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GT English Vocabulary 2010

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admonish to scold in a mild manner
apathetic indifferent; unresponsive
ardent passionate
bailiwick person’s area of expertise, authority, or work
base mean-spirited
benevolent showing charity
brusque abrupt; blunt
capricious unpredictable; inconsistent
clemency mercy; forgiveness
comatose lacking in vitality or consciousness
commiserate to express sympathy
conciliatory intended to restore harmony or goodwill
conjecture to guess using the available evidence
consolation something that eases sorrow or disappointment
countenance face; expression
dauntless fearless
depreciation ridicule; belittlement
dexterously skillfully
diffidence shyness
discern to detect; to perceive
disconcerted confused
disconsolate unable to be cheered up
enigmatic puzzling
fathom to understand
felicitous happy
fiend evil spirit; devil
flagrant highly offensive
fulminations verbal assaults; denunciations
harbinger event that foreshadows a future event
harrowing extremely distressing
harry to harass or torment
impelled driven to take action
impetuosity reckless enthusiasm
imprecations curses
inexorable unyielding
insurmountable impossible to overcome
inveigle to lure or induce into taking action
irksome annoying
irrevocably in a way impossible to change
judicious wise; discreet
latent hidden; undeveloped
listless lacking energy
malicious deliberately harmful
malignant evil; bitter
manifest to display
omen a sign of future good or evil
ostentatiously in a showy or gaudy manner
pallid pale
penitent person who repents sin under the direction of a religious confessor
pensive deeply or dreamily thoughtful
pernicious harmful; deadly
perspicuity clearness
perusal detailed analysis
pervade to spread throughout
plaintively in a mournful manner
poignantly in an emotionally moving manner
prodigious gigantic
quizzically in a puzzled manner
ravenous extremely hungry
remonstrance criticism
retributive done as a penalty or punishment
ruminations thoughts; meditations
stipulations terms or conditions of an agreement
supine lying on the back
supplicant someone who begs
torpor state of inactivity or apathy
traverse to travel across
trepidation uneasiness
trifle small amount
vaulted arched
venerable worthy of respect or reverence
vermin harmful or objectionable creature, such as a cockroach or rat
vouchsafe to grant or give
wantonly maliciously; without restraint
windfall unexpected gain
zealous eager