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to embrace to hug, umarmen
to acquire Erwerben
enquiry/ request Anfrage
a refund Rückerstattung
correction of a billing error Korrektur eines Abrechnungsfehlers
an estimate Schätzung
a copy of an official document eine Kopie eines offiziellen Dokuments
a discount Rabatt
a free product sample eine kostenlose Produktprobe
acknowledgement of receipt of something eine Empfangsbescheinigung
regarding bezüglich
in advance im Voraus
provide give
to overcharge Über den Tisch ziehen, zuviel verlangen
due due to fällig it's due on 28th March because of zurückzuführen auf…
to write on behalf of im Namen von jemand schreiben
requirements Anforderungen
over the top zuviel, exaggerated
purchase kaufen
I didn’t quite get it ich hab's nicht ganz verstanden 
informal English I’m writing to ask for tell you request more info about enquire about the chances send me a note let me know is there any chance... getting hold of etwas  (ergattern/beschaffen)
Formal: I’m writing to enquire about the possibility request inform somebody of the fact request further information regarding to inform so. about sth. to forward sth. weiterleiten I would be most grateful if you could….
Softening Could you do me a (massive)favour? Do you know…?I was wondering if you could/I could …? Is there any way…? Would it be at all possible…? Would you mind closing teh window? + ing form!!! You couldn’t…could you? (careful with this one...) You wouldn’t happen to know…?
Formal YES: Of course By all means - absolut, Go right ahead Absolutely Certainly
Formal NO: I’m afraid not. + explanation No, I’m sorry....+ esplanation Not really...+ expplanation Actually ....eigentlich...+ Ausrede
Informal YES: Yeah sure No problem You bet’
Informal NO: No way! Nope Nah