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evidence Beweisnoun
victim Opfernoun
witness Augenzeugenoun
suspect Verdächtige/rnoun
murderer Mördernoun
to blackmail sb jemanden erpressenverb
murder Mordnoun
weapon Waffenoun
chest BrustnounThe murdererd man had a knife wound in his chest.
investigate ermitteln, untersuchenverbThe police have to investigate the crime to find the murderer.
attractive attraktivadjectiveLots of people like the way she looks, they think she's a very attractive woman.
nephew Neffenoun
office clerk Sachbearbeiter/innoun
salesman Verkäufernoun
to keep an eye on aufpassen aufverbDon't forget to keep an eye on the children while they're at the zoo.
celebration Feiernoun
confusion VerwirrungnounAfter the accident, there was great confusion.
relative Verwandte/rnounWe had a big party last week. All my friends and relatives were there.
to retire; in Pension gehenverbWhen you've worked enough in your life, you can retire.
right away sofortadverbWe'd like some more water, please. - Right away, sir!
to take over übernehmenverbWhen he retires, his son will take over the company.
to unlock aufschließenverbI'll unlock the door for you.
upset verstört, aufgeregtadjectiveWhen she heard the bad news, she was very upset.
sometime irgendwannadverbI'll fix the car sometime this week, I promise.
to consider erwägen, in Betracht ziehenverbTo find out we have to consider all the facts.
to mention erwähnenverbDon't forget to mention me in your letter home.
likely wahrscheinlichadjectiveIt's likely that we'll get more rain tomorrow.
besides übrigensadverbNo thanks, I'm not hungry. And besides, I hate fish.
colleague Kollegenoun
to confirm bestätigenverbThe plane leaves at 9 a.m. Can you confirm that, please?
to expect erwartenverb
handkerchief Taschentuchnoun
never mind Macht nichts.I'm sorry I'm late. - Never mind. The film hasn't started yet.
suspicion VerdachtnounMy suspicion is that it was John who took my bike.
wastepaper bin Papierkorbnoun
conclusion SchlussnounHe came to the conclusion that the murderer was a woman.
to get hold of sth etwas in die Hände bekommenverbA reporter got hold of the story and next day it was in all the newspapers.
to prove beweisenverbI know he's the murderer, but I can't prove it.
proof der Beweisnoun
to commit begehenverbIf you commit a crime, you become a criminal.
ingredient ZutatnounMix the ingredients in a large bowl.
investigation Ermittlungen, UntersuchungnounThe police started their investigation of the crime immediately.
crime scene TatortnounThe police arrived at the crime scene very quickly.
employee Angestellte/rnounEmployees are the people that work for a company.
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