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Shugni-English Vocabulary

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tinj peace
jur health
God be with you pano ba Khudoi
Sweden Shvetsiya
Switzerland Shvetsaariya
six khojh
seven woovd
eight waxht
nine now
ten dhiis
you (plural) tama
they wadh
his we
her wa
your (plural) tama
their (people are present) wadhen
their (people are not present) madhen
he has wend
she has wamand
they have wevand
wife jhin
child/children ziryot
who chai/che
also mis
most sar
unemployed bekora
worker rabochik
shopkeeper magaziinche
farmer dequun
boss khujain
at/to tar/ar
strong khaxh
alright boft
that cheriomookha
pear kapoost
chilli gul karam
mint oshak
milk xhoovd
ice-cream maruub
bag baqlashka
what else? chiiz ga
on me muja
for/to me murd
want fort
don't want nafort
need darkor
okay then yema
that is id
to go/be sitow
to eat khiidow
to sell pardhedow
to cook pekhtow
to buy kharid chidow
to drink birexhtow
heard xhiint
slept xhovd
smiled shuunt
knitted woft
ugly bezeb
dirty ghazhd
dry/hard qoq
sour tuxhp/takhp
sweet khiijh
soft meloyim
young yosh
short poq/paq
short (object) kut
better bidede
big ghula
bigger ghulade
biggest sar/sof ghula
do! ke!
come to me taruud ya
go faster tezde sa
do like this disga ke
come to me tar mu khez ya
look chis
get up/stand up andidz
start now sar ke
try arakat ke
wait zhdat ke
don't disturb mishat maak/ maraf
explain to me murd famuun
come here (for a minute) abor ya
work kor ke
don't touch kho dhost ma dha
come faster tezde ya
speak lo
don't do like this dis maak
don't do that ma ke
don't look ma chis
help yordam ke
listen neghuujh
be patient toqat ke
sit/stay nith
be careful atiyot ke
do it faster tezde ke
don't go ma sa
show me murd deves
put down ribe
throw pate / shich dha
cook food avqot pidz
don't break ma verajh
happy khush
to dismiss/to solve ai chidow
to move arakat chidow
to make cheaper arzuun chidow
to believe bowari chidow
to exchange bedal chidow
to chat chaq-chaq chidow
to give dak chidow
to lengthen daroz chidow
lt fight dhed chidow
to annoy garang chidow
to stop giir chidow
to gather up jam chidow
to ride katats chidow
to feel his chidow
to exercise mashq chidow
to drive moshiin ai chidow
to insult nemuu chidow
to find pedhow chidow
to paint rang chidow
to decide rishat/hal chidow
to spend (money) sarf chidow
to joke shukhi chidow
to finish taiyor chidow
to phone telefuun chidow
to wander around tamosho chidow
to choose vibirat/khush chidow
to remember yodh chidow
to swim xhinoware chidow
to wait zhdat chidow
to introduce balad chidow
to enjoy kaif chidow
to play boze chidow
to close chust chidow
to ache dardh chidow
to be late deer chidow
to think fikr chidow
to return gaxht chidow
to count isob chidow
to separate/divorce judo chidow
to buy kharid chidow
to serve khizmat chidow
to disturb mishat chidow
to tell naqle chidow
to rest odikh chidow
to make expensive qimat chidow
to dance raqose chidow
to start sar chidow
to argue sharat chidow
to congratulate tabrik chidow
to prepare taiyore chidow
to clean toza chidow
to body-build trenerofka chidow
to open yet chidow
to help yordam chidow
to live zindage chidow
to discuss moslat chidow
qandi (general) qandi
where (general) kaara
to/at (up) pe/pi
to/at (down) ar
to/at (along) tar
what's this id chiiz
who is this id chai
what's that yo/ya chiiz
where kaa/kaara/kandi
which chiiduum
what (I didn't hear) chiizik
who (I didn't hear) chaiyik
whom (used w/possessive) chird
who's chind
when? tsawaxht?
because dunnjat
this yam
that's why dijaat
today nur
tomorrow xhumne
yesterday beeyor
in the morning sarake
in the late afternoon/evening vegake
lunch-time madhor
night xhab
eleven in the morning widob
the day after tomorrow afajh
pencil qalam
wet khist
customer kharidor
dangerous khatar
pleasure/enjoyment kaif
difficult/boring qiin
was done choojen
I do uz kinom
he does yo kixht
I will do uz ta kinom
I did uzum chood
I've done uzum chooj
married (for men) jhindor
married (for women) chordor
unmarried (for men) bejhin
inmarried (for women) bechor
woman jhinik
still ghal
now/at the moment shitch
occasionally yabore
sometimes gawakht(e) / yelav wakht
ever ach
usually disath / abiichna
month/moon mest
once a week aftayand abor / ye tov
at all achath
all the time fiuk wakht
day meth
every ar
time (number of times) tov
Sunday Odikh
flat (apartment) kvartiira
town/city xhaar
hospital balniits
mountain koo
pencil qalam
classroom sinf
rubber (eraser) pokunak
chalk gaach
blackboard doska
desk parta
to come yatow
I come uz yadom
he comes yo yodhd
I came uzum yat
I have come uzum yathch
to leave tidow
I leave uz tiim
he leaves yo tiizd
they left wadhen toid
you've left (plural) tamet tits
snow zhinij
demon jin
in two days afaajh
pull taazh
sheep maajh
cow zhow
lice sepaajh
wait zhdat
possible mumkin
red roosht/rosht
black teer
blue niile
green saavdz
brown vuur
grey xhiin
yellow ziird
purple fiyolet
pink rozave
mixed aralash
entrance cooridor of chiid daliidz
entrance of main room in chiid / goat-slaughter area butchkajhiij
platform in main room where male guests sit barnekh
upper platform in chiid where women & kids sleep kitsor
cotton-filled sitting mattress bolaxh
covered balconies outside manja
covered platforms pexhwoz
wall dewol
ceiling wedhuum
window toq
wooden floor / ground poiga/pol
door deve
skylight ruudz
sleeping platform neekh
storage ziduun
Pamiri ceiling chor khuuna
curtains zanaveska
guestroom qooshkhuuna
sleeping mattress madras
table stol
table cloth (on the floor) dastorkhuun
sofa divan
music player magnitafuun
wardrobe shkaaf/shifaneer
chest (furniture) sanduq
cupboard steenka
kilim palees
duvet lef
table lamp lampa
sheets chodareen
TC stand padstaavka
fridge khaladilnik
oven peechka/dukhovka/garda piidzij
traditional stove polchake
traditional oven tandoor
stove plliitka
wooden ladel cheb
teapot chainak
fork vilka
plate tarelka
pot dek
bowl dooghoove
bucket chalak
large bowl tothch
mirror eenak
inside ar (+ object)
up here paduud
here taruud
down here aruud
up there padam
there taram
down there aram
on top of pi tiir/kaal
under/underneath pi/az...biir
inside tar daroon
outside tar dargo / tar vaj
far dhar
over tiriin
opposite rooparoo/barost
behind az...zebo
between mobain
above tar tiir
close to khezand
on te
beside paalende
across -va
straight ahead rostath
go down artagov
in front aaz pero/peronde
around gargenooxhaa
on the left az chaap taraf
on the right az khez taraf
to put ribidow/rebidow
I put uz ribiim
he puts yo ribiizd
I put (past tense) uzum ribood
I have put uzum ribooxhj
to be able vardhedow
I can / I am able to uz vardhim
he can / he is able to yo vardhed
I was able to uzum vardhod