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mlc book 2 - dialogue flashcards (english answers)

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lesson 1 - dialogue 1 (chinese) lesson 1 - dialogue 1
這個週末你到哪裡去了? where did you go this weekend?
我沒到哪裡去。 我生病了。 i didn't go anywhere. i was sick.
你怎麼了? 哪裡不舒服? what was wrong with you? where didn't you feel well?
上個禮拜我常常覺得很累,也 不太想吃東西 last week i often felt very tired and i didn't really feel like eating.
你看醫生了嗎? did you see a doctor?
我看了。 yes i did
醫生怎麼說? what did the doctor say?why not say...醫生說什麼?
他說是感冒了,沒什麼關係 he said it was a cold, nothing serious
我不必吃藥 i dont have to take medicine
休息幾天,就沒事了 just rest for a few days and everything will be fine
現在你覺得怎麼樣 how do you feel now?
差不多好了,謝謝。 almost normal, thanks!
lesson 1 - dialogue 2 (chinese) lesson 1 - dialogue 2
你感冒好了沒有? is your cold better?
我早就好了。 i got over it a long time ago
新年快要到了。 the new year is coming soon.
我們有二十幾天的假。 we have more than twenty days of vacation.
你打算做什麼? what are you planning to do?
我還不一定。 / 我還不知道。 i'm still not sure.
我有一個朋友,他家在鄉下。 i have a friend whose home is in the country.
我也許到他那裡住幾天。 i might go there for a few days
我也許跟朋友到山上去滑雪 i might go skiing in the mountains with a friendcould i say: 我跟朋友也許到山上去滑雪
你怎麼去? how are you getting there?
我開車去。 i'm driving
天氣很冷, 開車得特別小心啊! when the weather is very cold, you better be especially careful when driving!
放心 / 不擔心 relax / don't worry
到現在我開車,開了,快三年了。 我開車,開得很好 i've been driving for 3 years. i drive very well