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root meaning
acu to sharpen (aculeate, acumen, acute)
cav to make hollow (cavernous, cavity, excavate)
cad, cas to fall (caduceus, cascade, cast)
sed to sit, settle, calm (sedative, sedentary, sediment)
cap, cept, cip to take hold, seize (captive, intercept, participate)
cau to burn (caustic, cauterize, cautery)
cen to assess, judge (censor, censure, census)
clam, claim to call out, shout (clamor, clamant, reclaim)
dol(or) to feel pain, grieve, suffer (doldrums, dolor, dolorous)
--drome to run (hippodrome, airdrome, palindrome)
err(a) to wander (errand, error, erratic)
fal to deceive (false, fallacy, fallible)
ferv to boil, bubble (fervent, fervid, fervor)
gust to taste (gestation, gustatory, disgust)
jur, jus to swear (juror, justice, justify)
--lect, lig to choose (elect, eligible, select)
lev(i) to lighten, lift, raise (levitate, levity, elevate)
crit to distinguish, separate, judge (criterion, critic, criticize)
-lysis to dissolve (analysis, dialysis, electrolysis)
solu, solv to loosen (soluble, solution, solve)
lud, lus to play, to mock (ludicrous, illusion, illusionist)
mim to imitate (mime, mimeograph, mimic)
pen(d), pens, pond to weigh, hang, heavy (pendant/pendent, pensive, ponderous)
cres(c) to grow (increase, decrease, crescendo)
plac to please, appease (placable, placate, placebo)
plic, plicit, plex to fold, to tangle (placation, explicit, complex)
-plore to cry out (implore, explore, deplorable)
sent(i) to feel (consent, sentient, sentiment)
(a)spirare to breathe (expire, aspirate, inspire)
cant, chant to sing (cantata, cantilena, chanter)
stat to stand (stationary, static, station)
vag(a) to move around (vagabond, vague, vagrant)
vig(il) to watch (vigilant, vigilance, vigilante)
alter to change, other (alternate, alterable, alternative)
cal, cha to be warm, hot (caldron, chafe, scald)
dur- to last, continue in existence (durable, duration, endurance)
fix to fasten (fixate, prefix, suffix)
mand to order (mandatory, demand, reprimand)
nunc to tell (announce, denounce, enunciate)
parens, parere to give birth to (parent, postpartum, parity)
pun(ct) to point, stab (punctuation, puncture, acupuncture)
quest, quer to seek (question, query, querist)
quies(c)(t) to rest (qiescent, quiet, quieten)
sec, sequ to follow (second, sequence, sequel)
scal, scend to climb (scale, ascend, descend)
use, uti(l) to use (useful, utilize, utility)
vac, void to be empty (vacate, vacancy, void)
pur(g) to clean (purgatory, purge, purist)
-acious, icious full of (delicious, malicious conscious)
arist best (aristocracy, aristocrat, Aristotle)
bath(o)(y) deep (bathometer, batholith, bathymetry)
calli beautiful (calligraphy, calliope, calistenics)
met(a) beyond, higher, later (metachromatism, metabolism, metamorphosis)
dign(i) worthy (dignity, dignify, dignitary, indignant)
cine, kine movement (cinema, kinescoope, kinetic)
clin(o), -cline slope (clinometer, recline, decline)
dia through, between (diagonal, diagram, diameter)
ept, apt fit, suitable (inept, adept, apititude)
equ(i) equal (equation, equinox, inadequate)
hagi(o), hier(o) holy (hagiography, hierarchy, hieratic)
mono one (monochrome, monogamy)
uni one (unicycle, unicorn)
du/duo two (duplex, duplicity, duodenal)
bi two, twice (biplane, bivalve, bi-weekly)
tri three (tricyle, triangle)
quadr four (quadrangle, quadrant)
tetra four (tetrameter, tetracycline)
pent five (pentameter, pentagon)
quin five (quintuplets, quintessential)
hexa six (hexameter, hexagon)
sex six (sextuplets, sextant)
sept seven (septennial, September)
oct eight (octave, octogenarian, octagon)
deca ten (decade, decathalon)
deci tenth (decimal, decimeter, deciliter)
kilo 1,000 (kilogram, kilometer)
meg million (megalomania, megalopolis)
nano billionth (nanotechnology, nanometer, nanosecond)
pico trillionth (picomole)
demi half (demitasse, demigod)
semi half, partly (semi-annual, semicolon, semi-nude)
oligo few, little (oligarchy)
poly many (polyform, polygamy, monopoly)
pan all (panaramic, pandemic, pandemonium)
omni all (omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent)
I 1
V 5
X 10
L 50
C 100
D 500
M 1000
giga 1 billion
tera 1 trillion
peta 1 quadrillion