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Turkish Dat Locat Ablat PPronouns

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I ben
to me bana
at (or) with me bende
from me benden
we biz
to us bize
at (or) with us bizde
from us bizden
you (singular) sen
to you (singular) sana
at (or) with you (singular) sende
from you (singular) senden
you (plural) siz
to you (plural) size
at (or) with you (plural) sizde
from you (plural) sizden
he, she, it; that o
to him, her, it; that ona
at (or) with him, her, it; that onda
from him, her, it; that ondan
they onlar
at them onlara
at (or) with them onlarda
from them onlardan
tags Turkish English Language Turkish Dative Locative Ablative Personal Pronouns
description Uses: Textbook: Elementary Turkish by Lewis V. Thomas. Revised/Edited by Norman Itzkowitz.
author Tekir Kedi
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