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7th Grade English Terms

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Noun The name of a person place or idea
Verb A word that expresses action or state of being
Helping Verb A verb that helps the main verb express a complete thought or special meaning
Linking Verb A verb that links the subject with a word that renames or describes the subject (a predicate noun or a predicate adjective). It functions something like an equal sign. It appears in either of these patterns: S-L-PN or S-L-PA
Being Verb A verb that tells what someone or something is. A being verb usually acts as a linking verb.
Adjective A word that modifies a noun. An adjective tells what kind, which one, how many or whose about the noun it modifies.
Adverb A word that modifies a verb, adjective, or other adverb. An adverb tells when, where, and how about the words it modifies.
Preposition A word that relates its object (a noun or pronoun) to another word in the sentence.
Conjunction A connecting word that joins words or groups of word in a sentence.
Interjection A word that can stand alone and be punctuated as a sentence or can appear along with a regular sentence in which it takes no real part. It often expresses strong feeling and sometimes is called an isolate.
Direct Object A noun or pronoun in the predicate that receives the action of a transitive verb.
Indirect Object The noun or pronoun in the predicate (without a preposition) that tells to whom or for whom the subject does something. It always comes after the verb but before the direct object.
Predicate Noun Adjective: An adjective in the predicate that follows a linking verb and describes the subject.
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