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AP English Language (Vocab, Princeton Review, Lists 23-30)

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brusque rudely abrupt
caustic bitingly sarcastic or witty
fractious quarrelsome; unruly
incorrigible unable to be reformed
ingrate an ungrateful person
insolent insulting in manner or speech
notorious known widely and usually unfavorably; infamous
pugnacious combative; belligerent
reprehensible worthy of blame
deleterious having a harmful effect; injurious
enmity mutual hatred or ill-will
heinous hatefully evil; abominable
malfeasance wrongdoing, misconduct
malice extreme ill-will or spite
putrid rotten
rancorous hateful; marked by deep-seated ill-will
toxic poisonous
archaic characteristic of an earlier period; old-fashioned
hackneyed worn out through overuse; trite
medieval referring to the Middle Ages; old-fashioned
obsolete no longer in use; old-fashioned
austere without decoration; strict
mediocrity the state or quality of being average; of moderate to low quality
mundane commonplace; ordinary
ponderous extremely dull
prosaic unimaginative; dull
sedentary not migratory; settled
apprehension anxiety or fear about the future
harbinger something that indicates what is to come; a forerunner
ominous menacing; threatening
premonition a feeling about the future
timorous timid; fearful about the future
trepidation uncertainty; apprehension
innovative introducing something new
naive lacking sophistication
nascent coming into existence; emerging
novel strikingly new or unusual
novice a beginner
candor sincerity; openness
frank open and sincere in expression; straightforward
arid describing a dry, rainless climate
conflagration a widespread fire
nocturnal of or occurring in the night
sonorous producing a deep or full sound