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AP English Language (Vocab, Princeton Review, Lists 31-33)

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ample describing a large amount of something
comprehensive large in scope or content
copious plentiful; having a large quantity
permeated spread or flowing throughout
pervasive dispersed throughout
prodigious enormous
replete abundantly supplied; filled to capacity
exemplary commendable; worthy of imitation
idealize to consider perfect
laudatory giving praise
paramount of chief concern or importance
venerated highly respected
catalog (v.) to make an itemized list of
facile done or achieved with little effort; easy
fastidious possessing careful attention to detail; difficult to please
hierarchy a group organized by rank
meticulous extremely careful and precise
pragmatic practical
solvent able to pay one's debts
alienated removed or disassociated from (friends, family, or homeland)
abstract not applied to actual objects
anachronism something out of place in time or sequence
apology defense of an idea
apparatus equipment; a group of machines
apposition a grammar construction in which a noun (or a noun phrase) is placed with another as an explanation
archetype a perfect example; an original pattern or model
brittle easily broken when subjected to pressure
chiasmus an inversion in the second of two parallel phrases
gesticulating making gestures while speaking
hypothetical existing only as an assumption or speculation
lexicon a word book describing language with definitions; a dictionary
metonymy a type of figurative language in which one term is substituted for another term with which it is closely associated
oxymoron an apparent contradiction of terms
panegyric statement of high praise
paradigm an example or model
parallelism a grammar construction in which two identical syntactic constructions are used
penitent expressing remorse for one's misdeeds
period (periodic sentence) long, complex, grammatically correct sentence
pernicious causing great harm
phenomenon an unusual, observable event
propitious presenting favorable circumstances; auspiciou
rational logical; motivated by reason rather than feeling
sardonic disdainfully or ironically humorous; harsh, bitter, or caustic
syllogism (syllogistic reasoning) a form of deductive reasoning; a major premise, a minor premise, and a conclusion
synecdoche a form of metonymy that's restricted to cases where a part is used to signify the whole
theoretical lacking application or practical application
truncated shortened; cut off