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When you want to make your next point, you _______ . ‘move on’.
When you want to change to a completely different topic, you … ‘turn to’.
I’d like to _________ to the next point if there are no further questions ‘move on’.
Let’s ______ now ___ our plans for next year. ‘turn to’.
When you want to give more details about a topic you … ‘expand’ or ‘elaborate’.
I’d like to ________ more on this problem we have had in Chicago ‘expand’ or ‘elaborate’.
When you want to talk about something which is off the topic of your presentation, you … ‘digress’.
I’d like to _______here for a moment and just say a word of thanks to Bob for organizing this meeting. ‘digress’.
When you want to refer back to an earlier point, you … ‘go back’.
I’d like to ____ ____ to something Jenny said in her presentation. ‘go back’.
To just give the outline of a point, you … ’summarize’.
If I could just _______ a few points from John’s report. ’summarize’.
To repeat the main points of what you have said, you… ‘recap’.
I’d like to quickly _______ the main points of my presentation. ‘recap’.
For your final remarks, you… ‘conclude’.
I’d like to_______ by leaving you with this thought …… ‘conclude’.
to speak about a subject, you... “talk about’
Today I'd like to _______ _______ our plans for the new site. “talk about’
to talk about ideas or opinions on a subject in more detail. ‘discuss’
I'm now going to go on to _______ our options in more detail. ‘discuss’
to tell you about what has been done. ‘report on’
I'm going to be _______ing ___ our results from our research. ‘report on’
to examine ‘take a look at’
First, let's ________what we have achieved so far. ‘take a look at’
to speak to someone to give them information or instructions ‘tell you about’
First, I will _______ the present situation, then go onto what we are going to do. ‘tell you about’
to explain something by doing it or by giving instructions. ‘show’
Today I'm going to _______ you how to get the most out of the new software. ‘show’
to give the main facts or information about something. ‘outline’
I'd like to _______ the new policy and give you some practical examples. ‘outline’
to give some extra or missing information ‘fill you in on’
I'd like to quickly _______ what has happened. ‘fill you in on’
to give a short description with general information but no details. ‘give an overview of’
Firstly, I would like to ________ of the situation. ‘give an overview of’
draw attention to or emphasize the important fact or facts. ‘highlight’
The results _______our strengths and our weaknesses. ‘highlight’
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