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English final sem1

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Commandeer (v.) to seize for military or official use
perennial (adj.) lasting for a long time, persistent; (n.) a plant that lives for many years
abridge condense or shorten
salvage (v.) to save from fire or shipwreck; (n.) property thus saved
deadlock (n.) a standstill resulting from the opposition of two equal forces or factions; (v.) to bring to such a standstill
efface (v.) to wipe out; to keep oneself from being noticed
brigand (n.) a bandit, robber, outlaw, highwayman
opinionated (adj.) stubborn and often unreasonable in holding to one's own ideas, having a closed mind
admonish (v.) to caution or advise against something; to scold mildly; to remind of a duty
spurious (adj.) not being what it purports to be; false or fake
spasmodic (adj.) sudden and violent but brief; fitful; intermittent
circumspect Cautious
relinquish (v.) to let go, give up
tantalize to tease, torment by teasing
proliferate to increase in number quickly
expulsion driving or forcing out
adjourn (v.) to stop proceedings temporarily; move to another place
compensate To make up for; to repay for services
jeer To make fun of
sully to tarnish; taint
fodder (n.) food for horses or cattle; raw material for a designated purpose
erratic (adj.) not regular or consistent; different from what is ordinarily expected; undependable
comely (adj.) having a pleasing appearance
dissent Disagreement
irate Angry
pauper An extremely poor person
usurp to seize hold a position by force or without right
pilfer (v.) to steal in small quantities
condone (v.) to pardon or overlook
cherubic (adj.) resembling an angel portrayed as a little child with a beautiful, round, or chubby face; sweet and innocent
terminate To bring to an end
trite (adj.) commonplace; overused, stale
altercation (n.) an angry argument
militant (adj.) given to fighting; active and aggressive in support of a cause; (n.) an activist
succumb (v.) to give way to superior force, yield
arbitrary Unreasonable; based on one's wishes or whims without regard for reason or fairness
brazen (adj.) shameless, impudent; made of brass
latent (adj.) hidden, present but not realized
accomplice A person who takes part in a crime
incorrigible not able to be corrected
access (n) approach or admittance to places, persons, things; an increase; (v) to get at, obtain
facilitate to make easier to assist
slapdash (adj.) careless and hasty
reprimand (v.) to scold; find fault with; (n.) a rebuke
opaque (adj.) not letting light through; not clear or lucid; dense, stupid
bondage slavery
hamper Hinder; obstruct
taunt To jeer at, mock; an insulting or mocking remark
sardonic grimly or scornfully mocking, bitterly sarcastic
credible Believable
intricate Complicated; difficult to understand
incessant continue without interruption; nonstop
ghastly Frightful, horrible; deathly pale
posthumous Occurring or continuing after death, especially a work published after the author's death or a child born after the fathers death
supplant to replace (another) by force; to take the place of
atone to make amends
impoverished (adj) poor, in a state of poverty; depleted
inundate (v.) to flood, overflow; to overwhelm by numbers or size
malign to speak of evil of slander evil
vagrant (n.) an idle wanderer, tramp; (adj.) wandering aimlessly
bogus (adj.) false, counterfeit
tirade long, harsh speech or verbal attack
adieu (int.) ""Farewell!""; (n.) a farewell
shoddy (adj.) of poor quality; characterized by inferior workmanship
surly Angry and bad-tempered; rude
interim (n.) the time between; (adj.) temporary, coming between two points in time
metropolis (n.) a large city; the chief city of an area
pensive (adj.) thoughtful; melancholy
perilous Dangerous
inanimate (adj.) not having life; without energy or spirit
biased (adj.) favoring one side unduly; prejudiced
rectify (v.) to make right, correct
hoodwink (v.) to mislead by a trick, deceive
precipice (n.) a very steep cliff; the brink or edge of disaster
fated (adj.) determined in advance by destiny or fortune
revile (v.) to attack with words, call bad names
auspicious (adj.) favorable; fortunate
pliant (adj.) bending readily; easily influenced
arduous (adj.) hard to do, requiring much effort
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