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Turkish Imperative Verb Tense -- average rating: 1 ratings

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According to vowel harmony, V2 means... a e
According to vowel harmony, V4 means... ı i u ü
A buffer letter is denoted as… (y)
A buffer letter is inserted if the verb stem ends in a… vowel
Imperative Tense Singular 2nd person Form I: Verb stem with nothing
Imperative Tense Singular 2nd person Form II: Verb stem with (y) V4 n
Imperative Tense Singular 3rd person: Verb stem with s V4 n
Imperative Tense Plural 2nd person: Verb stem with V4 n V4 z
Imperative Tense Plural 3rd person: Verb stem with s V4 l V2 r
tags Turkish English Language Vocabulary Imperative Verb Construction
description Uses: Textbook: Elementary Turkish by Lewis V. Thomas. Revised/Edited by Norman Itzkowitz. Chap 7; Instructions on how the Imperative Verb Tense is formed. Turkish includes Imperative form for 2nd and 3rd persons singular and plural.
author Tekir Kedi
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welcomemessage This is a work in progress. Contact: tekirkedi.001@gmail.com regarding concerns. [Note: The 2's and 4's in the suffixes should be superscripted.]
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