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Anthropomorphic Resembling Or Made To Resemble A Human Form: An Anthropomorphic Carving.
Apparition A Supernatural Appearance Of A Person Or Thing, Esp. A Ghost; A Specter Or Phantom; Wraith: A Ghostly Apparition At Midnight.
Ostentatious Characterized By Or Given To Pretentious Or Conspicuous Show In An Attempt To Impress Others: An Ostentatious Dresser.
Beleaguered To Surround Or Beset, As With Troubles.
Bereft Deprived: They Are Bereft Of Their Senses. He Is Bereft Of All Happiness.
Bespoke Obsolete. To Foretell; Forebode. To Ask For In Advance: To Bespeak The Reader'S Patience.
Captious Proceeding From A Faultfinding Or Caviling Disposition: He Could Never Praise Without Adding A Captious Remark.
Centrist (Esp. In Continental Europe) A Member Of A Political Party Of The Center; Moderate.
Cogent Convincing Or Believable By Virtue Of Forcible, Clear, Or Incisive Presentation; Telling. To The Point; Relevant; Pertinent.
Crapulous Given To Or Characterized By Gross Excess In Drinking Or Eating.
Curtail To Cut Short; Cut Off A Part Of; Abridge; Reduce; Diminish. Also Called Curtail Step. A Starting Step Having A Scroll Termination To One Or Both Ends Of The Tread.
Didactic Inclined To Teach Or Lecture Others Too Much: A Boring, Didactic Speaker.
Encopresis Involuntary Defecation.
Enuresis Lack Of Control Of Urination, Esp. During Sleep; Bed-Wetting; Urinary Incontinence.
Ephemeral Lasting A Very Short Time; Short-Lived; Transitory: The Ephemeral Joys Of Childhood. Lasting But One Day: An Ephemeral Flower.
Fakir Of India A Muslim Or Hindu Religious Ascetic Or Mendicant Monk Commonly Considered A Wonder-Worker.
Ineffable Not To Be Spoken Because Of Its Sacredness; Unutterable: The Ineffable Name Of The Deity. Incapable Of Being Expressed Or Described In Words; Inexpressible: Ineffable Joy.
Intransigence Refusing To Agree Or Compromise; Uncompromising; Inflexible.
Magnanimous Generous In Forgiving An Insult Or Injury; Free From Petty Resentfulness Or Vindictiveness: To Be Magnanimous Toward One'S Enemies.
Onerous Having Or Involving Obligations Or Responsibilities, Esp. Legal Ones, That Outweigh The Advantages: An Onerous Agreement. Burdensome, Oppressive, Or Troublesome; Causing Hardship: Onerous Duties.
Pernicious Causing Insidious Harm Or Ruin; Ruinous; Injurious; Hurtful: Pernicious Teachings; A Pernicious Lie. Deadly; Fatal: A Pernicious Disease.
Perquisite An Incidental Payment, Benefit, Privilege, Or Advantage Over And Above Regular Income, Salary, Or Wages: Among The President'S Perquisites Were Free Use Of A Company Car And Paid Membership In A Country Club.
Propitiation To Make Favorably Inclined; Appease; Conciliate. The Act Of Propitiating; Conciliation: The Propitiation Of The Wrathful Gods.
Proscription To Denounce Or Condemn (A Thing) As Dangerous Or Harmful; Prohibit.
Pundit A Person Who Makes Comments Or Judgments, Esp. In An Authoritative Manner; Critic Or Commentator. A Learned Person, Expert, Or Authority. A Man In India Esteemed For His Wisdom Or Learning: Often Used As A Title Of Respect.
Recused To Disqualify Or Seek To Disqualify From Participation In A Decision On Grounds Such As Prejudice Or Personal Involvement.
Remittance The Sending Of Money, Checks, Etc., To A Recipient At A Distance.
Reticence The State Or Quality Of Being Reticent; Reserve. The State Or Quality Of Being Reluctant; Unwillingness.
Satiety To Supply With Anything To Excess, So As To Disgust Or Weary; Surfeit.
Sophistries A Subtle, Tricky, Superficially Plausible, But Generally Fallacious Method Of Reasoning. A False Argument; Sophism.
Superfluous Being More Than Is Sufficient Or Required; Excessive. Extra; Redundant.
Supercilious Haughtily Disdainful Or Contemptuous, As A Person Or A Facial Expression.
Tableau A Vivid Or Graphic Description: The Movie Was A Tableau Of A Soldier'S Life. An Interlude During A Scene When All The Performers On Stage Freeze In Position And Then Resume Action As Before.
Terse (In The Feudal System) A Person Granted The Use Of Land, In Return For Rendering Homage, Fealty, And Usually Military Service Or Its Equivalent To A Lord Or Other Superior; Feudal Tenant.
Vassal King [Vas-Uh?L] (In The Republic Of South Africa) A Rigid Policy Of Segregation Of The Nonwhite Population.
Apartheid System [Uh-Pahrt-Heyt, -Hahyt] (Of A Disease) Prevalent Throughout An Entire Country, Continent, Or The Whole World; Epidemic Over A Large Area.
Pandemic [Pan-Dem-Ik] (Sometimes Initial Capital Letter) Resembling Or Befitting Don Quixote.
Quix·ot·ic A Bad-Tempered, Difficult, Cantankerous Person.
Curmudgeons [Ker-Muhj-Uhn] A Bitter, Sharply Abusive Denunciation, Attack, Or Criticism: Repeated Diatribes Against The Senator. Listening To A Lengthy Diatribe May Seem Like A Waste Of Time, An Attitude For Which There Is Some Etymological Justification. The Greek Word Diatribe, The Ultimate Source Of Our Word, Is Derived From The Verb Diatribein, Made Up Of The Prefix Dia-, ""Completely,"" And Tribein, ""To Rub,"" ""To Wear Away, Spend, Or Waste Time,"" ""To Be Busy."" The Verb Diatribein Meant ""To Rub Hard,"" ""To Spend Or Waste Time,"" And The Noun Diatribe Meant ""Wearing Away Of Time, Amusement, Serious Occupation, Study,"" As Well As ""Discourse, Short Ethical Treatise Or Lecture, Debate, Argument."" It Is The Serious Occupation Of Time In Discourse, Lecture, And Debate That Gave Us The First Use Of Diatribe Recorded In English (1581), In The Now Archaic Sense ""Discourse, Critical Dissertation."" The Critical Element Of This Kind Of Diatribe Must Often Have Been Uppermost, Explaining The Origin Of The Current Sense Of Diatribe, ""A Bitter Criticism.""
Diatribe [Dahy-Uh-Trahyb] (Di'?-Trib') A Breaker Or Destroyer Of Images, Esp. Those Set Up For Religious Veneration.
Iconoclastic [Ahy-Kon-Uh-Klast] (I-Kon'?-Klast') A Characteristic, Habit, Mannerism, Or The Like, That Is Peculiar To An Individual.
Idiosyncrasies [Id-Ee-Uh-Sing-Kruh-See, -Sin-] A Combination Of Financial Institutions, Capitalists, Etc., For Carrying Into Effect Some Financial Operation Requiring Large Resources Of Capital.
Consortium [Kuh N-Sawr-Shee-Uh M, -Tee-] (K?N-Sôr'Te-?M, -She-?M) A Coming Into Place, View, Or Being; Arrival: The Advent Of The Holiday Season.
Advent A Feeling Of Vexation, Marked By Disappointment Or Humiliation.
Chagrin [Shuh-Grin] (Sh?-Grin') A Formal And Systematic Exposition In Writing Of The Principles Of A Subject, Generally Longer And More Detailed Than An Essay.
Trea·tise A Muslim Or Hindu Religious Ascetic Or Mendicant Monk Commonly Considered A Wonder-Worker.
Fa·kir Of India A Painting Or Sculpture Of The Virgin Mary Holding And Mourning Over The Dead Body Of Jesus.
Pie·tà Also Pie·tà [Pee-Ey-Tah, Pyey-Tah, Pee-Ey-Tuh, Pyey-] A Particular Period Of Time Marked By Distinctive Features, Events, Etc.: The Treaty Ushered In An Epoch Of Peace And Good Will.
Ep·och A Person Who Dedicates His Or Her Life To A Pursuit Of Contemplative Ideals And Practices Extreme Self-Denial Or Self-Mortification For Religious Reasons.
Ascetic [Uh-Set-Ik] (?-Set'Ik) A Person Who Derives Sexual Gratification From Observing The Naked Bodies Or Sexual Acts Of Others, Especially From A Secret Vantage Point.
Voyeurism [Vwah-Yur-Iz-Uh M, Voi-, Voi-Uh-Riz-] A Person Who Goes Ahead And Makes Known The Approach Of Another; Herald.
Harbinger /'H?R?B?N?D??R/ [Hahr-Bin-Jer] (Här'Bin-J?R) A Presentiment Or Foreboding.
Presaged A Rapid Movement Of Troops From A Besieged Place To Attack The Besiegers.
Sortie /'S?R Ti/ [Sawr-Tee] A Record Of Events, Esp. A Yearly Record, Usually In Chronological Order.
Annals A Rule Or Principle Prescribing A Particular Course Of Action Or Conduct.
Precepts A Sortie Of Troops From A Besieged Place Upon An Enemy.
Sally A State Of Inactivity Or Stagnation, As In Business Or Art: August Is A Time Of Doldrums For Many Enterprises.
Doldrums [Dohl-Druh Mz, Dol-, Dawl-] (Dol'Dr?Mz', Dôl'-, Dol'-) A Stream That Flows To A Larger Stream Or Other Body Of Water.
Tributary A Sudden Outburst Of Emotion Or Action: A Paroxysm Of Laughter.
Paroxysms (Par'?K-Siz'?M) A Supernatural Appearance Of A Person Or Thing, Esp. A Ghost; A Specter Or Phantom; Wraith: A Ghostly Apparition At Midnight.
Ap·pa·ri·tion A Trifling Away Of Time; Dawdling.
Dalliance A Way Or Manner Of Speaking; Vernacular; Idiom: Legal Parlance.
Parlance [Pahr-Luh Ns] (Pär'L?Ns) An Authoritative Pronouncement; Judicial Assertion. Law
Dictum /'D?K T?M/ [Dik-Tuh M] (Dik'T?M) An Unreasonable Fear Or Hatred Of Foreigners Or Strangers Or Of That Which Is Foreign Or Strange.
Xenophobic Apt To Notice And Make Much Of Trivial Faults Or Defects; Faultfinding; Difficult To Please.
Captious /'Kæp???S/ [Kap-Shuh?S] Causing Or Being A Subject For Grief Or Regret; Lamentable: The Deplorable Death Of A Friend.
Deplorable Characterized By Or Given To Pretentious Or Conspicuous Show In An Attempt To Impress Others: An Ostentatious Dresser.
Os·ten·ta·tious Characterized By Shyness And Modesty; Reserved.
De·mure Closely Or Significantly Related; Relevant; Pertinent: Please Keep Your Statements Germane To The Issue.
Ger·mane Commanding Respect Because Of Great Age Or Impressive Dignity; Worthy Of Veneration Or Reverence, As Because Of High Office Or Noble Character: A Venerable Member Of Congress.
Venerable Cross, Querulous, Or Fretful, As From Vexation Or Discontent: A Peevish Youngster.
Peevish Daily: A Quotidian Report.
Quotidian [Kwoh-Tid-Ee-Uh N] (Kwo-Tid'E-?N) Easily Seen Or Noticed; Readily Visible Or Observable: A Conspicuous Error.
Con·spic·u·ous [Kuhn-Spik-Yoo-Uhs] (K?N-Spik'Yoo-?S) Enthusiasm Or Vigor, As In Literary Or Artistic Work; Spirit: Her Latest Novel Lacks Verve.
Verve Excess; An Excessive Amount: A Surfeit Of Speechmaking.
Surfeit [Sur-Fit] Exhibiting Harmony Of Parts.
Congruous /'K?? Gru ?S/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [Kong-Groo-Uh S] (Kong'Groo-?S) Existing Or Being Everywhere, Esp. At The Same Time; Omnipresent: Ubiquitous Fog; Ubiquitous Little Ants. Adj.  Being Or Seeming To Be Everywhere At The Same Time; Omnipresent: ""Plodded Through The Shadows Fruitlessly Like An Ubiquitous Spook"" (Joseph Heller).
Ubiquitous Existing Or Occurring With Something Else, Often In A Lesser Way; Accompanying; Concurrent: An Event And Its Concomitant Circumstances.
Concomitant Increase [Kon-Kom-I-Tuhnt, Kuhn-] Expressed In Few Words; Concise; Terse.
Succinct [Suh K-Singkt] Forming Or Expressing Division Or Distribution.
Divisive Full Of Pretense Or Pretension.
Pre⋅ten⋅tious Future Time: Such Discussion Is Better Left To Futurity.
Futurity [Fyoo-Too?R-I-Tee, -Tyoo?R-, -Choo?R-, -Chur-] Going Beyond Ordinary Limits; Surpassing; Exceeding.
Transcendent [Tran-Sen-Duhnt] Historical Authenticity.
Historicity Holding An Indicated Position, Role, Office, Etc., Currently: The Incumbent Officers Of The Club.
Incumbent /?N'K?M B?Nt/ [In-Kuhm-Buh Nt] (In-Kum'B?Nt) In Addition; Besides: ""And, Withal, A Wider Publicity Was Given To Thought-Provoking Ideas"" (Holbrook Jackson).
Withal In Confucian Thought, One Of The Virtues To Be Cultivated, A Love And Respect For One'S Parents And Ancestors
Filial Piety In Existence; Still Existing; Not Destroyed Or Lost: There Are Only Three Extant Copies Of The Document.
Extant Incapable Of Being Expressed Or Described In Words; Inexpressible: Ineffable Joy.
Ineffable /?N'?F???B?L/ [In-Ef-Uh-Buh?L] Incorporating The Concept Of Holism In Theory Or Practice: Holistic Psychology.
Holistic [Hoh-Lis-Tik] (Ho-Lis'Tik) Inspiring Reverence Or Admiration; Of Supreme Dignity Or Grandeur; Majestic: An August Performance Of A Religious Drama.
Au·gust Intended For Instruction; Instructive: Didactic Poetry.
Di·dac·tic Known Or Understood By Very Few; Mysterious; Secret; Obscure; Esoteric: She Knew A Lot About Sanskrit Grammar And Other Arcane Matters.
Arcane [Ahr-Keyn] Lacking Sense, Significance, Or Ideas; Silly: Inane Questions.
Inane /?'Ne?N/ [I-Neyn] Lasting A Very Short Time; Short-Lived; Transitory: The Ephemeral Joys Of Childhood.
E·phem·er·al Law An Opinion Voiced By A Judge That Has Only Incidental Bearing On The Case In Question And Is Therefore Not Binding. Also Called Dictum.
O·bi·ter Dictum (O'Bi-T?R) Law.
Libel Like A Churl; Boorish; Rude: Churlish Behavior.
Churlish [Chur-Lish] (Chûr'Lish) Lying On The Back, Face Or Front Upward.
Supine [Soo-Pahyn] Marked By Or Attended With Ignominy; Discreditable; Humiliating: An Ignominious Retreat.
Ig·no·min·i·ous Military. A Vacation Or Leave Of Absence Granted To An Enlisted Person.
Furlough [Fur-Loh] Moved To Or Showing Sudden, Impatient Irritation, Esp. Over Some Trifling Annoyance: A Petulant Toss Of The Head.
Petulant Not Harmful Or Injurious; Harmless: An Innocuous Home Remedy.
Innocuous [I-Nok-Yoo-Uhs] Not To Be Appeased, Mollified, Or Pacified; Inexorable: An Implacable Enemy.
Implacable Obtained, Done, Made, Etc., By Stealth; Secret Or Unauthorized; Clandestine: A Surreptitious Glance.
Surreptitious [Sur-Uhp-Tish-Uhs] Of His, Her, Its, Or Their Own Kind; Unique.
Sui Generis [Soo-I Ge-Ne-Ris; Eng. Soo-Ahy Jen-Er-Is, Soo-Ee] Of Or Pertaining To A Parish Or Parishes.
Parochial [Puh-Roh-Kee-Uh L] (P?-Ro'Ke-?L) Of Or Pertaining To Easter.
Paschal Of The Nature Of A Portent; Momentous.
Por·ten·tous Of, At, Or Forming The Base.
Ba·sal One That Serves As A Pattern Or Model.
Paradigm [Par-Uh-Dahym, -Dim] (Par'?-Dim', -Dim') Open To Discussion Or Debate; Debatable; Doubtful: A Moot Point.
Moot /Mut/ [Moot] Outwardly Appearing As Such; Professed; Pretended: An Ostensible Cheerfulness Concealing Sadness.
Ostensibly /?'St?N S? B?L/ [O-Sten-Suh-Buh L] (O-Sten'S?-B?L) Patronage Bestowed Or Favoritism Shown On The Basis Of Family Relationship, As In Business And Politics: She Was Accused Of Nepotism When She Made Her Nephew An Officer Of The Firm.
Nepotism Penetrating; Cutting; Biting; Trenchant: An Incisive Tone Of Voice.
Incisive /?N'Sa??S?V/ [In-Sahy-Siv] Philosophy. The Theory That Only The Self Exists, Or Can Be Proved To Exist.
Solipsism [Sol-Ip-Siz-Uhm] Subject To, Led By, Or Indicative Of Caprice Or Whim; Erratic: He'S Such A Capricious Boss I Never Know How He'Ll React.
Capricious The Act Of Appeasing The Wrath And Conciliating The Favor Of An Offended Person; The Act Of Making Propitious.
Propitiation The Act Of Conceiving; The State Of Being Conceived.
Conception The Act Of Consummating; Completion.
Consummation /?K?N?S?'Me????N/ [Kon-Suh-Mey-Shuh?N] The Scattering Of The Jews To Countries Outside Of Palestine After The Babylonian Captivity.
Di·as·po·ra The State Or Quality Of Being True; Accordance With Fact Or Reality: To Question The Verity Of A Statement.
Ver·i·ty To Abolish By Formal Or Official Means; Annul By An Authoritative Act; Repeal: To Abrogate A Law.
Abrogate [Ab-Ruh-Geyt] To Abstain Or Keep Away From; Shun; Avoid: To Eschew Evil.
Eschewed [Es-Choo] (Es-Choo') To Add As A Supplement Or Appendix: Appended A List Of Errors To The Report.
Append (?-Pend') To Assert Or Affirm With Confidence; Declare In A Positive Or Peremptory Manner.
Aver [Uh-Vur] To Atone For; Make Amends Or Reparation For: To Expiate One'S Crimes.
Expiate To Deprive Of Money Or Belongings By Fraud, Hoax, Or The Like; Swindle: He Fleeced The Stranger Of Several Dollars.
Fleece To Draw A Line Around; Encircle: To Circumscribe A City On A Map.
Cir·cum·scribe To Extract The Essence From; Express The Essence Of Or The Basic, Real, And Invariable Nature Of A Thing Or Its Significant Individual Feature Or Features: Freedom Is The Very Essence Of Our Democracy.
Essentializing To Find Fault Or Complain Querulously Or Unreasonably; Be Niggling In Criticizing; Cavil: To Carp At Minor Errors.
Carp To Hunt (Rabbits, For Example) With Ferrets.
Ferreting To Make Amends Or Reparation, As For An Offense Or A Crime, Or For An Offender (Usually Fol. By For): To Atone For One'S Sins.
A·tone To Make More Certain; Confirm: He Corroborated My Account Of The Accident.
Cor·rob·o·rate [Kuh-Rob-Uh-Reyt] To Make Or Become Better, More Bearable, Or More Satisfactory; Improve; Meliorate./ In Every Human Being There Is A Wish To Ameliorate His Own Condition. --Macaulay.
Ameliorate /?'Mil Y??Re?T, ?'Mi Li ?-/ [Uh-Meel-Yuh-Reyt, Uh-Mee-Lee-Uh-] (?-Mel'Y?-Rat') To Reject Or Challenge (A Judge Or Juror) As Disqualified To Act, Esp. Because Of Interest Or Bias.
Re·cuse To Remove The Entrails From; Disembowel: To Eviscerate A Chicken.
Eviscerate [V. I-Vis-Uh-Reyt] To Settle Securely Or Snugly: I Found Her In The Library, Ensconced In An Armchair.
En·sconce To Show To Be False; Contradict: His Trembling Hands Belied His Calm Voice.
Be·lie To Speak Harmful Untruths About; Speak Evil Of; Slander; Defame: To Malign An Honorable Man.
Maligned To Strip Off The Skin Or Outer Covering Of.
Flay (Fla) To Surround With Military Forces.
Be·lea·guer To Treat Tenderly; Nurse Or Tend Indulgently; Pamper: To Coddle Children When They'Re Sick.
Coddle [Kod-L] Unyielding; Unalterable: Inexorable Truth; Inexorable Justice.
Inexorably [In-Ek-Ser-Uh-Buh L] Usually, Auspices. Patronage; Support; Sponsorship: Under The Auspices Of The Department Of Education.
Auspices /'? Sp?S/ [Aw-Spis] (Ô'Spis) Various Or Diverse: Sundry Persons.
Sundry /'S?N?Dri/ [Suhn-Dree] Various Or Diverse: Sundry Persons.
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