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basic italian / english flash cards

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buongiorno good morning / good day / good afternoon
buonasera good evening / good afternoon
buonanotte good night
arrivederci goodbye / see you soon
arrivederla goodbye / see you soon
ciao hello / hi / so long
signore sir
signor Mr.
uomo man
signora Mrs., Ms.
donna woman
signorina Miss
si yes
no no
per favore please
grazie thank you
prego you're welcome
prego? pardon?
scuzi sorry / excuse me
mi dispiace I am sorry
come sta? how are you?
bene, grazie well, thank you
e Lei? and you?
molto bene, grazie very well, thank you
non troppo bene not too well
non c'e male not too bad
parlare to speak
parla inglese do you speak english
parla italiano do you speak italian
parli piu lentamente speak more slowly
va bene ok
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