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Honors English Vocab List #5

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Galvanize To stimulate or incite somebody to great activity
Retribution Something that is given to somebody as a punishment or vengeance
Vacillate Indecisive
Calumnious Falsely and maliciously accusing; to defame character
Plaudits Applause
Flippant Lack of seriousness
Travesty Distorted, debased, lowered in quality (representation)
Pristine So clean to look as good as new
Expurgated To remove words
Baffle Puzzled; filled with confusion
Harbinger Somebody or something that foreshadows or anticipates a future event
Beguile To win or hold someone's attention; to entice
Brandish To wave something about in a menacing way
Purveyor Supplier of goods
Sovereign A ruler
Missive A letter
Surmise To deduce/ conclude with little evidence
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