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Copy of Honors English Vocab List #7

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Anonymously Not named or identified
Benevolent Marked by good
Formidable Causing fear, dread, or apprehension, tending to inspire awe or wonder
Poignant Painfully affecting the feelings
Predatory Intended to injure or exploit
Progeny Offspring of plants or animals
Mariner Navigator of a ship
Irrevocable In a way impossible to change (Unchangeable)
Harrowing Extremely distressing
Countenance Facial Expression
Habitable Considered fit to be lived in
Perpetually Repeated
Emaciated Extremely thin
Peruse Read thoroughly
Dross Worthless or low quality
Fortnight Two weeks
Foreboding A sign of warning that something bad will happen
Encumber To weigh down
Laudable Worthy Of Praise
Draconian Severe
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