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Honors English Vocab List #2

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Gluttony Eating or excessive drinking
Goad Provide action or initiate
Admonish To caution, warn, or advise against
Heretic Somebody whose opinion is condemned
Heresy An opinion or belief that contradicts established religious teaching
Ameliorate Improve or make better
Anomaly Something that deviates from the norm
Mirth Happiness or Laughter
Minion A follower
Morose Having a withdrawn or gloomy personality
Intonation Accuracy Of Pitch
Shriven To obtain absolution for oneself by confessing and doing penance
Prudent Careful about behavior and conduct
Ardently Enthusiasm or eagerness
Protruding Thrust outward
Estimable Deserving of esteem or high repect
Contemptious Dishonorable
Newfangled New
Absolution A formal pardon or forgiveness
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