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voice, place, manner of English consonants

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p voiceless, bilabial, stop
b voiced, bilabial, stop
m voiced, bilabial, nasal
f voicless, labiodental, fricative
v voiced, labiodental, fricative
θ voiceless, dental, fricative
ð voiced, dental, fricative
t voiceless, alveolar, stop
d voiced, alveolar, stop
s voicelss, alveolar, fricative
z voiced, alveolar, fricative
n voiced, alveolar, nasal
l voiced, alveolar, lateral
r voiced, alveolar, retroflex
ʃ voiceless, palatal, fricative
ʒ voiced, palatal, fircative
voiceless, palatal, affricate
voiced, palatal, affricate
j (y) voiced, palatal, glide
k voicless, velar, stop
g voiced, velar, stop
ŋ voiced, velar, nasal
w voiced, labiovelar, glide
ʔ voiceless, glottal, stop
h voiceless, glottal, fricative