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Spanish Verbs Like Gusta English To Spanish Version

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to bother (one) molesta
less strong molesta - annoyed fastida
to have left queda
to be (one's) turn toca
it hurts duele
to seem (to one) parece
to delight, to charm, to be fascinated by fascina
to suit (one's needs) conviene
to feel sorry for da.. lastima.. (da igual 0 to not matter)
to create an impression cae
to need, to be lacking, to miss hace falta
to have enough alcanza
to be surprised (weirded out) extraña
to interest (one) to be interested in interesa
to dislike (opposite of agrada) disgusta
to like agrada
to matter (to one) to mind importa
to delight , to charm, to be delighted with encanta
to be (turn out to be) pleasant (unpleasant, difficult, painful, easy, distressing, sad) (for one) resuelta difícil o fácil
to be surprised sorprende
to have in excess sobra