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English 11 Semester One Final Review

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The correct order for an MLA heading is Your Name, Teacher's Name, Class Name, Date
Native Americans shared stories using what tradition? The oral tradition
The five pillars of Puritanism are Everyone is born evil, Election, Limited Atonement, Divine Sanction, and the Bible as the ultimate authority
The Puritan writing style is plain, religious, and uses few adjectives/adverbs
Did Anne Bradstreet want her poetry published? No. Her brother-in-law, John Woodbridge, published it without her permission.
What did Anne Bradstreet write about? Religion and family
The TPCASTT strategy helps you analyze poetry. What are the steps? Title, Paraphrase, Connotation, Attitude, Shift, Title, Theme
Who was Edward Taylor? A Puritan minister and poet. He wrote elegies, lyrics, and ""preparatory meditations"" that he is well-known for.
What is the metaphor in Taylor's ""Upon a Spider Catching a Fly""? The spider represents the devil, the wasp represents a person with strong faith, and the fly represents a sinner.
When was the Age of Reason? 18th century (1700s)
How did science influence the Age of Reason? Intellectuals began to believe in the power of the human mind to comprehend the universe. Newton and the laws of physics changed people's view of the clergy as all-knowing
How did philosophy influence the Age of Reason? John Locke, an English philosopher, encouraged the belief that everyone was in control of his/her own spiritual destiny
How did politics influence the Age of Reason? Colonists focused on democratic principles and religion was only one aspect of life
How did economics influence the Age of Reason? Population in the colonies grew dramatically and rapidly expanding trade linked colonies to the wider world
What was The Great Awakening? A conservative movement aimed at keeping religion central to colonial life
Who was Jonathan Edwards? Jonathan Edwards was a minister who tried to restore the church to its former position of authority during The Great Awakening. He wrote ""Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God""
What is logos? An appeal to logic
What is ethos? An appeal to credibility
What is pathos? An appeal to emotion
Who was Phyllis Wheatley? The first African American poet. She wrote about religion.
Who wrote ""Common Sense""? Thomas Paine. It was the first pamphlet published in the colonies to urge immediate independence from Britain.
What are the parts of the Declaration of Independence? The introduction, preamble, list of complaints, statement of prior attempts to redress grievances, and the declaration.
How did Jefferson use parallelism in the DoI? He repeated phrases like ""he has"" to make them build upon one another like a series of punches (repeated structure).
Describe the good girl archetype The good girl is usually red headed, often has a name similar to ""Mary Jane"", is innocent and trusting, and needs the bad boy to protect her.
What do birds symbolize? Freedom
What are the five ""I""s of romanticism? Intuition, imagination, inspiration, individuality, and idealism
What are characteristics of gothic literature? An atmosphere of gloom, terror, or misery, mysterious events, exotic settings, and hidden or double realities
Who was Ralph Waldo Emerson? Emerson was the father of transcendentalism. He believed strongly in self reliance.
Why was ""Self Reliance"" such an influential essay? The voice in America prior to its publication was preaching conformity and social obligation. Self Reliance was inspired by the Romantic movement and encouraged Americans to follow their hearts.
Who wrote ""Civil Disobedience""? Henry David Thoreau
What was ""Civil Disobedience"" suggesting? Thoreau believed that it was better to think and act as an individual regardless of society's opinion. He refused to pay taxes because he did not want to support the Mexican-American war.
Summarize The Scarlet Letter See your notes for a synopsis. Be sure to explain the main events, key characters, symbols, individualism vs. conformity, Hawthorne's attitude toward Puritans, elements of Romanticism, and the influence of Transcendentalism.
Who wrote ""The Learn'd Astronomer""? Walt Whitman. He believed that understanding the power of the universe required looking at it through an unaided eye rather than through a telescope.
Who was the most reclusive poet we studied this semester? Emily Dickinson
Define realism A faithful representation of reality in literature
What is regionalism? Often called local color, regionalist literature focuses on characters, dialect, customs, topography, and other features specific to a certain region.
What is naturalism? Naturalist writing suggests that men are governed by heredity and environment. These stories often depict characters without control and tend to be pessimistic.
Who wrote ""The Yellow Wallpaper""? Charlotte Perkins Gilman
What was the cult of true womanhood? Its key virtues were submissiveness and domesticity. It was a powerful class-based ideology that was perpetuated through print culture, religion, public and private discourse.
Who wrote ""Desiree's Baby""? Kate Chopin
Cather's ""On the Divide"" is an example of regionalism from what are? The Midwest
What is determinism? The inability to express free will.
List five things you can do to improve your writing. Read more, write more, don't fall in love with your first draft, get feedback, and notice what other writers are doing.