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English 11 Final Review 2nd Semester

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Realism is... a faithful representation of reality in literature
Why did realism develop? The Civil War, the urbanization and industrialization of America, and as a reaction to romanticism
What is regionalism? Focuses on characters, dialect, and customs specific to a region
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn belongs to which literary movement? Realism
The author of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is Mark Twain
Which groups of people did Mark Twain critique in his novel? Romantics, Northerners, hypocritical Christians, mobs, drunks
Booker T. Washington's speech The Atlanta Address
Booker T. Washington's philosophy ""Cast down your buckets where you are""
W.E.B. DuBois' writing The Souls of Black Folk
W.E.B. DuBois' philosophy Spoke for equality, wanted a ""talented tenth"" of African Americans to get college degrees
Who wrote Ethan Frome? Edith Wharton
What literary movement does Ethan Frome represent? New England Regionalism
Who was Charles Chesnutt? The most popular African American writer at the turn of the 20th century. We read ""The Wife of His Youth""
When did the Harlem Renaissance occur? The 1920s
What were common themes of the Harlem Renaissance? Racial pride, the effects of racism, how to describe the experiences of modern black life in the urban North
Who was Langston Hughes? A Harlem Renaissance poet who wrote about race, urban living, and social consciousness
Who was Countee Cullen? A traditional poet and teacher during the Harlem Renaissance
Ralph Ellison wrote... ""Flying Home""
How did black writers of the 1950s compare to those of the Harlem Renaissance? Greater push for equality, more frustration with racial hypocrisy
How is an MLA heading structured? Student Name, Teacher Name, Class Name, Date each on its own line
Who wrote The Catcher in the Rye? J.D. Salinger
Which literary movement is Catcher from? PostModernism
Ralph Ellison's ""Flying Home"" deals with the Tuskegee Airmen. Why were they so controversial? Many whites did not believe black men were intelligent or skilled enough to fly planes. That belief plays a significant role in Ellison's short story.
In ""Flying Home,"" what does Todd come to learn about himself through the events of the story? Todd learns that he cannot allow his white officers to control his sense of identity. He discovers that he can learn from men like Jefferson, and that it is not helpful to distance himself from other black men in an attempt to improve his status in society.
In ""Sonny's Blues,"" who changes the most - Sonny or the narrator? The narrator grows in his understanding of his brother. The story is about his journey (subway...) and growth in understanding his family, heritage, and that people deal with difficulties in different ways.
In ""Sonny's Blues,"" what is the significance of the narrator's daughter being named ""Gracie""? Grace is the mercy and protection of God given to true believers. Baldwin may be commenting on these characters' lack of true faith.
Who wrote The Great Gatsby? F. Scott Fitzgerald
What group of writers did Fitzgerald belong to? The Lost Generation
What is a common theme of New England regionalism? Because of its Puritan roots, individualism vs. conformity plays a significant role and characters (think of Ethan) are often driven by a strong sense of duty.
What types of introductions did we use for essays this year? Factual, narrative, descriptive, quotation, straw person, definition, question
What are the key components of a complete body paragraph in an essay? Topic sentence clarifying your main idea, relevant evidence from the text, all textual evidence clearly explained in your own words
According to your ""essay tips and reminders"" handout, what are five things you can do to improve your writing? Read more, write more, don't fall in love with your first draft, get feedback, and notice what other writers are doing
Light symbolizes knowledge or truth
Darkness symbolizes concealment or lack of knowledge
Red symbolizes passion
White symbolizes purity
Characteristics of the good girl archetype innocent, needs protection from the bad boy, red hair
What is the conflict in Charles Chesnutt's ""The Wife of His Youth""? Mr. Ryder was approached by the wife of his youth, an elderly black woman he had married when she was a slave. He has risen to a prominent place in society, and must decide whether to accept her or simply leave her as the wife he had in a previous time.
Alliteration is repetition of consonant sounds
A metaphor is a comparison stating that something is something else
Who were the lost generation? The generation of writers active immediately after WWI. They were disillusioned by lost values and didn't believe strongly in human progress.
What was the Harlem Renaissance? A movement during the 1920s when black men and women in Harlem drew on their cultural resources to produce art, music, and literature
An allusion is a figure of speech in which a reference is made to a person, event, object, or work from history or literature
What was the theme of Hughes's poem ""Let America be America Again""? The author felt left out of the American Dream and acknowledged that other minorities, those without land, money, or power were left out as well.