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Nakama Kanji Vol. 2 L. 8 Kanji-English

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to laugh 笑う
to cry 泣く
to swim 泳ぐ
swimming 水泳
to pay 払う
to sell 売る
counter 売り場
to fall, drop 落ちる
(something) to drop 落とす
to be saved, rescued 助かる
to think 考える
to be decided 決まる
to decide 決める
to wait 待つ
to play 遊ぶ
amusement park 遊園地
to call 呼ぶ
to invie 招待する
busy 忙しい
quiet 静か
dark 暗い
dot, point
in the middle of the night 夜中
care, worry, anxiety 心配
to be in trouble 困る
experience 経験
business administration 経営学
fire 火事
accident 事故
traffic accident 交通事故
(for something) to change 変わる
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description Kanji Practice for Nakama Vol. 2 Lesson 8
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