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If you're looking for assistance with gWhiz apps, then we're here to help!  The tabs below contain a variety of information and resources that should get you where you want to go. If you would like to contact us directly, please send an email to gWhiz Support (

Do you develop your own apps using your own content or do you use already published content?

We have developed several gWhiz branded apps including PrepZilla, gFlash, gCalc, gRef, got-2, and Mobile Learning Assessment. Besides these apps, gWhiz has developed over 100 apps through partnership with major publishers including McGraw-Hill, Wiley, Kaplan, PPI, Barron's as well as Florida Virtual School, a leader in online education.

Can I try out an app before purchasing it?

Unfortunately, we don't have the capability to allow trial purchases at this time. But we feel confident that once you try one of our apps, you'll be more than satisfied. The Amazon Appstore allows you to test drive the app before you buy. The Android Market allows refunds within 15 minutes, and the Intel AppUp allows 24 hours.


Our popular gFlash+ and gFlashPro mobile flashcard apps are feature rich and have a lot of options for creating and loading flashcards. Here's some great resources to learn more about the app and how to create and find flashcards:

General Help

The Official gFlash Blog

Creating Flashcards

Overview - This blog post describes the various flashcard creation options for gFlash

Google Spreadsheet Flashcards - The detailed description

gFlash Spreadsheet Template Maker - Helpful tool to create and configure a Google Spreadsheet for gFlash flashcards

Flashcard Creation Demo Video - A few years old but still relevant

Sharing & Shared Flashcards

Google Spreadsheet Flashcards - Instructions for sharing your flashcards with other users and the gWhiz catalog

From gFlash Editor - Learn how to share cards created in the iOS gFlash Editor

gWhiz Catalog - Search the catalog and browse thousands of flashcard sets created by other gFlash users

GTS to Google Spreadsheet (BETA) - Converts a .gts file (flashcard set) into a Google Spreadsheet for editing and download.

The latest generation of gWhiz apps typically have instructions and help built directly in to the app. However, we do maintain help pages for some of our earlier projects. Those are listed here:

gWhiz apps can be downloaded from a variety of mobile device markets. Click the links to see which apps are available on the listed storefront.


Apple iTunes App Store

Android Market

Mobihand App Store

Amazon Appstore

Blackberry App World

Mobihand App Store

Intel AppUp

In general, gWhiz has very little visibility into user purchasing and account information. If there is a problem, those issues will typically need to be addressed through the appropriate app store. The following are links to their support pages:


Apple Online Support 

Android Market Support Center 

IntelAppUp Support

Blackberry Support

Still have questions? Want to keep track of product and new feature announcements from gWhiz? Want to be first in line for product promotions and giveaways? Have something you'd like to tell us in a hurry? Here's a few ways to get in touch with us:


The Official gWhiz Blog

The Official gFlash Blog

Our Facebook Page

@gwhizmobile Twitter feed

gWhiz Support Email (


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