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Which of the following is would have the LEAST genetic diversity? population of intraspecific hybrid corn plants used by farmers.
All of the following can increase the genetic diversity of a population EXCEPT asexual reproduction
Eugenic laws were enacted in an attempt to -prevent some individuals from reproducing -eliminate bad genes from the human population -improve human gene pool
Which of the following activities could lead to a decrease in the genetic diversity in the gene pool of a species? a decrease in the size of the population from millions to hundreds
A particular type of common water snake is only found on islands in Lake Erie. This represents a hybrid
A small group of white-tailed deer cross the frozen water of Lake Michigan and establish a population on a remote island. This small group of deer can best be described as founding population
Which of the following are used to distinguish species from one another? -differences in the behavior -differences in metabolism differences in the physical characteristics of organisms
You are studying two populations of a certain species of frog in two ponds five kilometers apart. There are no other ponds in the area. In pond A all the frogs are small and have a few black spots on them. In pond B most of the frogs are large and lack spots but a few are small without spots and a few are large with spots. Because of the differences in these two populations -the distance between ponds is probably a barrier -there is probably little interbreeding between the two populations -the population in pind A could have gone through a genetic bottleneck
genetic drift is associated with the size of the population
Two kinds of mice live in the same area but one is black and the other is brown. The answer to which of the following questions would be most valuable in determining if they are of the same species. Do members of the two kinds mate with one another and have offspring that reproduce?
The smaller a population, the... more likely it is that random events will change the gene frequency
plants that are exactly alike genetically are clones
an outcome of asexual reproduction is reduced genetic diveristy in the offspring
which of the following would tend to produce populations with little genetic diversity? producing a population from two original parents
False about Eugenics has been highly successful in reducing the frequencies of bad recessive alleles from the human population
WHich is NOT a value provided by biodiversity? Human habitat
Eugenics was an attempt to improves the human gene pool
Some local populations, and occasionally entire species, have reduced genetic diversity because their populations were severely reduced in the past. This is called a genetic bottle neck
which of the following would have the greatest gentic diversity? A SPECIES
An advantage of sexual reproduction is to ____ among offspring produce new gene combos
Which of the following is a selecting agent? The intro a fungus that causes the death of 95% of elms in US
It has become clear that theere are many examples of genetic info being transferred from one species to another. This would increase the genetic diversity of the species receiving the genetic info
Natural selectino may result in retention of favorable genes
There is a range of color in mice from black to brown to gray to white. In a region of white sand there is a black volcanic deposit. The white mice survive better on the white sand and the black mice survive better on the black volcanic deposit. This could be an example of disruptive selection
New genes are introduced into a gene pool by spontaneous mutations
if two alleles exist for a characteristic (A & a_ and allele 'a' is lethal in homozygous individuals, the 'a' allele is not likely to be eliminated from the population
In order for a spontaneous mutation to enter the general population, it must occur in the gonads
If a bacterium with the ability to survive the effects of antibiotic 'pops up' in a population, it is most likely... resulted from spontaneous mutation
Evolution is the result of natural selection
differential reproduction results in changing gene frequency
Which of the following would be an indication that evolutionary change is occuring within a species some alleles have been lost from the species
If changes occur in the genetic diversity of a species and they are not the result of natural selection, which of the following could have occurred? -this could be a genetic drift -random events may have eliminated certain genes from the population -the population may be extremely small
A complete set of genes of an individual in a population is referred to as a GENOME
Whay is necessary for evolution to take place? genetic diversity within populations
The erroneous idea that traits gained during an organism's lifetime can be passed on to future generations is the theory of acquired characteristics
The idea that organisms with geneticallyu determined characteristics that make them better suited for the environment will produce more off spring is the theory of natural selection
Spontaneous mutations, which will be passed to offspring, can occur in the cell's... DNA
Which of the following could be an agent of natural selection characteristics of females animals that cause males to avoid them
The fittest organism in a population is the organism that successfully produces the most off spring
When new alleles enter a gene pool, the frequency of the new allele.. could have been cause by migration of individuals into the population

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