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PLB 115 Exam 3 Study Guide
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Humans have the diplod number of chromosomes, 2n=46. This also indicates humans Have two genomes
Smooth fur dominates rough fur; black and white fur are incompletely dominate and result in gray. A rough gray crossed with a rough gray would prodice 1/4 rough black, 1/2 rough gray, 1/4 rough white
If in houseflies the allele for green eyes is dominant over the allele for white eyes, and a heterozygous green-eye male is mated with a white eyed female, what is the probability that they will have green eyed offerspring? 1/4/2011
Brown eyes (B) dominate blue eyes (b), black hair (H) dominates blond hair (h). In orderto have an offspring ratio of 1/4 brown eyes, black hair, 1/4 brown eyes, blond hair, 1/4 blue eyes, black hair and 1/4 blue eyes blond hair, the genotype of the parents would have to be Bbhh x bbHh
In the cross AaBb x AaBb, _____ of the offspring will express ______. 6/16; one dominante $ one recessive trait
The Trait for color dominantes albino and black fur dominates red fur. If an animal homozygous for color and the heterozygous for black fur is crossed with an albino homozygous for red, the ratio of offspring would be 1/2 albino, 1/4 black, 1/4 red
A man who does not suffer from sickle-cell anemia but is a carrier of the sickle-cell trait is married to a woman who is also a carrier for the sickle-cell traint. If they have a child, what is the probability of that child suffering from sickle cell anemia 50
In fruit flies the gene for vestigial wings will produce tiny underveloped wints at room temperature but will produce normal wings at higher temps. The vestigial condition in fruit flies is dereminded by: Heredity & environment
The allele that causes Huntington disease is expressed earlie in life when it is inherited from the father than when it is inherited from the mother. Huntington disease is an example of gene imprinting
A male has a genotype RrTt. What is the probablity of his producing Rt sperm cells? 25%
The probability of parents with genotypers (L1) (II) having an offspring with the genotype (II) is 1/2/2011
""She is a carrier of the cystic fibrosis trait."" This statement acknowledges that this perons is Heterozygous for that trait
In pea plants, smooth seeds (S) are dominat over wrinkled seeds (s). A cross is made between a wrinkled-seed variety and a heterozygous smooth-seed variety. The change of getting offspring HOMOZYGOUS for SMOOTH SEEDS is 0/4
If one pair of genes could cause some flowers to have red petals or yellow petals and could also determin the strength of the sterm, this would be an example of Pleiotropy
Pleiptropy: The multiple effects that a gene may have on the phenoptype organisim
A homozygous condition would be the possession of alleles for red hair and red hair
If an individual has the genotype BbCc, How many different kinds of gametes can that individual produce? four
In a corss between two blue Andalusian chickens, 25% of the offspring produced were white, 25% were black and %05 were blue Andalusian like the parents. Color in these chickens is most likely inherited by incomplete dominance
The sex of the fruis fly Drosphila melangaster is determind as follows: XX chromosomes give a femail and XY give a male. The gen for bar eyes is recessive and located on the X chromosome. If you had a normal-eyed female and did not know she was a homozygous or heterozygous, you could determine her genotype by mating her with any kind of male
a condition in which a diploid organism has different allelic forms of a particular gene Phenotype
The enzyme transcriptase would be used to accomplish... DNA -> RNA
Tha laboratory procedure for copying selected segments of DNA is The polymerase chain reaction
In terms of recombinate DNA & biotechnology, the term 'cloning' can best be decribed as a means to make a copy of a piece of DNA
A eukaryotic cell that has had a prokaryotic gene inserted is called -a genetically engineered cell -a GMO a gentic recoombinat
Deliberately moving fenes from one type of cell into another so that the the new cell syntesizes that specifc gene product .. Recombinant DNA technology
Biotechnology expects to provide which benefits -imporoved agricultural crops -Cheaper medicines
Using this technique it is possible to show the nucleotide squence differences among individuals since no two people have the same nucleotide sequences. genetic fingerpringing
By the 'tradtional' defination, how long has the human race been engaged in biotechnology? >1,000 years
DNA Biotechnology... -It allows manipulation of genetic material for practical purposes -It allows foreign genes to be inserted into an organism -It has the potential to improve stress and pest resitance in crops
Gene-splicing procedures may be performed with small loops of cacterial DNA that re not part of the main chromosome. These small DNA loops are called plasmids
Restriction endonucleases are used naturally in a bacrterail cell to defend against foreign DNA
Newq bacterial characteristics are being produced by splicing strands of ... DNA
Which of macromolecueles is typically manipulated in biotechnology? RNA & DNA
Genetic recombination involves the use of ________ enzymes to cut out segments of DNA. Restriction endonuclease
Biotechnology procedures may be preformed with small loops of bacterial DNA that are not part of the main chromosomes. These small DNA loops are called plasmids
Recombinant DNA is Spliced DNA
What is inserted into an organism to make it a 'geneticallly modified organism'? DNA or RNA from another organism.
Recombinant DNA directly produces changes in DNA
DNA that contains 'foreign' genes from another organism is called recombinant DNA
The term 'recombinant DNA technology' refers to dilerberately moving fenes from one type of the cell into another so that the new cell synthesizes that specific gene product

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