Via BlackBerry Desktop Manager

1. Download the data files from the gWhiz Catalog.
· If you have created your own content, load it into a Google spreadsheet, and then share the document with for flashcards or for reference guides.  See Sharing Flashcards/Reference Guides for details.  It will automatically be added to the gWhiz Catalog.
· When downloading from the gWhiz Catalog, select the “Download” link next to the content of interest and follow the directions.  Ensure the filename has a .gts extension.

2. Connect the BlackBerry to your computer with the USB cable, and start the BlackBerry Desktop Manager.

3. Once your BlackBerry has been detected by the Desktop Manager, activate the Media Manager application.

4. If the gwhizdata folder does not exist, create one in the "My Devices [Device Memory]" area of the Media Manager.  Make sure that gwhizdata is in all lowercase.

5. Copy the downloaded .gts file into the gwhizdata folder.  This can be done by selecting the Folders tab from the Media Manager’s media panel (on the upper left) and then dragging the .gts file into the gwhizdata directory.

6. Disconnect the USB cable and start either gFlash or gRef.  From the application menu, select the "Load from File…" option.  From the list, select the desired .gts file for installation.   After installation, the data will be ready for use.

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