NSG101 Cha. 1: Foundations
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16 to 19th Century monastaries closed, female criminals, Florence Nightengale,
19th Century to Present lack of standards, apprenticeships, WWII elevated education
4 Aims of Nursing Promote Health, Prevent Illness, Restore Health, Facilitate Coping
4 Skills needed in Nursing Cognitive, Technical, Interpersonal, Ethical, and Legal
American Nursing Association established standards of nursing, encourages research to advance nursing
China yin and yang
Christianity altruism, deaconesses, male clergy performed nursing care and burial
Clara Barton established Red Cross, served as volunteer in the Civil War
Cognitive Skills make sense of concepts, critical thinking, scientific rationale
Dorthea Dix pioneering crusader for mentally ill, 1882
Early Civilization animism, evil spirits, medecine man was doctor, nutrix, viewed as slaves
Egypt Cleanliness, food, drink and exercise
Elizabeth Smellie organized the Canadian Woman Army Corps during WWII
Ethical & Legal Skills accountability, advocacy, mediation, legal responsibility
Florence Nightengale asepsis, art & science, nursing from medecine, founder of modern nursing, training school
Greece Hypocrites, health was equilibrium of mind, body and environment
Harriet Tubman abolitionist, RN, underground railroad
Healthy People 2010 obesity, tobacco, mental illness, D/A, immunization, physical activity
Hebrew emphasized treatment during childbirth, isolate communicable disease, priest/ess
India Public hospital with male nurses
International Counsel of Nursing 1st international organization of professional women
Interpersonal Skills affirms pt. worth, identify/elicit personal strengths
Isabel Hampton Organized nursing school at Johns Hopkins,limited length of work day, ANA
Jane Addams Provided social services, womens rights 1931
Lavinia Dock RN Leader, female activist, instrumental in the 19th Amendment
Lilian Weld founder of ""Public Health Nursing""
Linda Richards 1st trained nurse in U.S. began practice of record keeping, Bellview 1873
Louise Shuyler organized NY Charaties Aid Association, nursing standards, Bellview Hospital
Mary Adelaide Nutting 1st nursing professor
Mary Agnes Snively founder of Canadian Nurse Association
Mary Breckenbridge established the 1st midwifery school, Frontier Nursing Service
Mary Elizabeth Mahoney first black nurse, 1879
Maryann Bickerdyke organized soup kitchens, laundries, ambulance in Civil War
Native American care of the terminally ill and dying
Nora Gertrude Livingston established first 3 yr. RN program, Montreal General Hospital
Nursing as a PROFESSION body of specific knowledge, service orientation, recognized authority, code of ethics, research, autonomy, set standards
Nursing Practice Acts each state defines scope, protect the public, regulatory body, define terms, establish educational criteria
Nursing Process Assessment, Planning, Implementation, Evaluation
Roman public hygiene
Sojournor Truth provided nursing care during Civil War, femenist
Technical Skills manual dexterity, adapt procedures, troubleshoot
Nutrix (nourish) nurse- care done by mother- herbs and physical care
Early Hebrew health code, 10 comand., ethics, mental health, disease control, midwifery
Crusades Nursing orders, hospitals built to care for pilgrams- purpose, direction, leadership
Historic Reputation of Nurses recruited criminals, catholic religios orders, pretty women not apply
Folk Image female role, learned in home and passed down through generations
Religious Image medival, christian values, strict discipline: single virgins
Early Nursing in America inespensive workforce, no standards, apprenticeship, controlled by doctors
Margaret Sanger Planned Parenthood
8 Core Components of Associate Degree Nurse Professional, Caring, Teaching, Communication, Assessment, Clinical Decision, Collaboration, Managing Care
Nursing Scope & Practice RN is responsible/accountable for professional competence, minimal standards, safe environment
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